Joe Biden gave the military one illegal order that left Republicans sick to their stomach

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Joe Biden continues to plunge to new depths of lawlessness.

He flouts the U.S. Constitution at every turn.

And Joe Biden gave the military one illegal order that left Republicans sick to their stomach.

President Joe Biden launched an illegal war by ordering military strikes against Syria and Iraq in response to Iranian-backed militants killing three U.S. soldiers in a drone attack on a base in Jordan.

Biden spent the better part of a week telegraphing the strikes, so when the missiles finally landed they barely did any damage or killed many terrorists.

“Updates on U.S. strikes in Iraq & Syria: Iraqi government: 16 killed & 25 wounded in the strikes in Iraq,” Axios’ Barak Ravid reported on social media. “Syrian army: soldiers & civilians killed in the strikes in Syria. Syrian observatory for human rights: 23 members of pro Iranian militias killed in the strikes on Syria.”

Biden initiating a new front in a Middle Eastern war without the approval of Congress also failed its intended goal of deterring Iranian-backed terrorists from continuing their attacks on U.S. Naval vessels and ships in the Red Sea.

Republicans slammed Biden’s failed America Last foreign policy.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said the real question to ask is why American troops were stationed in Jordan in the first place.

“The media is clamoring to know what Biden will do to punish Iran or its proxies for killing our soldiers,” Paul wrote on X. “The question not being asked is what Biden could have done to prevent the tragic deaths of 3 of our soldiers in Jordan.”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) ripped President Biden for deploying America’s military around the globe when the real crisis was the invasion at the southern border.

“Everyone is so sick of all of our problems at home being completely ignored by our government yet we will go bomb the goat herders and foreign terrorists overseas while totally ignoring the terrorists, cartels, criminals invading our country and our government welcoming them in and forcing us to pay for it,” Greene began.

“Our troops are spread thin and sprinkled all over the world and left vulnerable to attacks and we have all time lowest military recruitment in history,” she added. “And our border has been ripped wide open by the Biden administration and secretary Mayorkas.”

Biden’s failed foreign policy is getting American soldiers killed, and increasing the risk of World War III.

And a growing number of Republicans are calling him out for trying to serve the globalist agenda instead of taking care of the problems at home.

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