Jason Kelce revealed how he lost his Super Bowl championship ring in a massive pool of chili

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The press became obsessed last year with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s relationship with pop megastar Taylor Swift.

Now Travis Kelce is using the offseason to hold live events with his brother Jason as part of their New Heights podcast.

And Jason Kelce revealed how he lost his Super Bowl championship ring in a massive pool of chili.

Hosting a podcast is a popular trend these days among professional athletes, celebrities, and other famous entertainers.

On September 8, 2022, Travis Kelce and his brother Jason launched their own podcast called New Heights where the two brothers “team up to provide next-level access to life in the league as it unfolds.”

According to Apple Podcasts, “the two brothers and Super Bowl champions drop weekly insights about their games and share unique perspectives on trending NFL news and sports headlines. Plus, entertaining stories from a combined 21 years in the league, off-field interests, and engaging conversations with special guests.”

The two recently held a live show at the University of Cincinnati on April 11 that included the “Lombaby Games.”

In one of the games, contestants fished for socks in kiddie pools filled with chili.

“Inside the socks were replica Super Bowl rings,” Mediaite reported. “The game is a reference to the fact that Jason, who won Super Bowl LII with the Philadelphia Eagles, keeps his actual ring rolled up in a sock and stashed away in his wardrobe.”

However, one of the socks contained Jason Kelce’s real Super Bowl ring instead of a replica.

Jason Kelce was part of the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Championship team.

He announced his retirement from the NFL earlier this year after spending 13 seasons with the Eagles.

And as Jason informed Travis during the latest episode of the podcast, he lost the ring during the games.

“I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event, they could not find it,” Jason said. “We have still yet to find it,” he continued. “All of this stuff has been thrown away, so I think we can safely assume that my Super Bowl ring is now in a landfill someplace in the Cincinnati tri-state area.”

“I didn’t think that would happen,” he added.

Despite people searching through the pools of chili and even using a metal detector, the ring was nowhere to be found.

“The only thing I can think of is, at some point, the sock got kicked out of the three-way and it made its way out of the pool and it was thrown away in some shape or form,” he said. “The Super Bowl ring is officially gone.”

Jason told the audience that he has “already put the insurance claim in, which I think the insurance company might have some things to say about whether they’re going to cover that.”

Travis called his older brother an “imbecile” and admitted that he wasn’t surprised he lost the ring.

“So ridiculous,” Travis said. “Kids, if you’re watching at home, don’t do what Jason is doing.”

For his part, Jason brushed it off as nothing more than “a hunk of metal.”

“I’ll just have another one made, I think,” Jason added. “They can do that, right? Guess we’re gonna find out.”

Super Bowl rings aren’t cheap.

Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl LI ring went for over $1 million in 2020 at an auction.

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