The Biden administration is suing a minor league baseball team for this awful reason

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The federal government is completely out of control under Joe Biden.

Now the petty and absurd behavior of his administration is coming to light.

And the Biden administration is suing a minor league baseball team for this awful reason.

Minor league baseball team targeted trademark infringement

The Glacier Range Riders are a minor league baseball team based in Kalispell, Montana who play in the Pioneer League.

The Pioneer League is an independent baseball league that partners with Major League Baseball (MLB).

Despite playing in one of the lowest levels of minor league baseball, the Range Riders are facing a legal assault from the Department of the Interior.

At issue is the team’s logo – an arrowhead with the letters RR inside of it.

The National Park Service (NPS) says the logo is too similar to the one they use and claim that it could confuse people.

Their attorneys claim that because the team’s logo could cause a problem because Kalispell is near Glacier National Park – one of the most popular in the country.

The team picked the nickname as a nod to the area’s heritage.

Forest range riders are the forerunners of modern national park rangers.

Last year, the NPS accused the team of “false association” with them in a letter.

Their attorneys alleged the team “purposely intended [to] trade on the goodwill that the NPS has built and sustained in the local community surrounding Glacier National Park and the nation at large.”

“To resolve this matter, the NPS requests that the Company immediately expressly abandon the Application and remove and discontinue any and all use of the Mark and the Design on all websites that the Company owns, controls or is affiliated with,” the letter stated.

The Range Riders have spent more than $500,000 fighting the NPS lawsuit.

“Someone in our government is deciding to use their time and authority for this, not for the good of the people,” Range Rider president Chris Kelly told The Washington Times. “Instead, they’re targeting a business that tries to give 14-year-olds a summer job and families a summer memory.”

The team claims that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved their logo.

Montana Congressman confronts Interior Secretary over lawsuit

Representative Ryan Zinke (R-MT) grilled Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland about the lawsuit in a House Appropriations Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Subcommittee hearing.

Haaland claimed that she wasn’t aware of the lawsuit when she was questioned about it.

“The Interior Department suing a family-owned minor league baseball team is the worst case of federal overreach and predatory litigation by the government I have ever seen,” Zinke said. “This is why people outside the beltway don’t trust the bureaucrats inside the beltway.”

Zinke – who served as Interior Secretary in the Trump administration – said that he would have fired any lawyer who put the case on his desk if he was Interior Secretary.

“The Secretary either has no idea what’s going on in her own department or is allowing the abuse to happen. Either way, not good,” Zinke added.

The Biden administration is wasting taxpayer money to needlessly harass a minor league baseball team.

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