Joe Biden said five words about little kids giving him the middle finger that signal hope for America’s future

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Joe Biden made a campaign stop this week in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

But he didn’t receive the type of hometown hero’s welcome that he expected.

And Joe Biden said five words about little kids giving him the middle finger that signal hope for America’s future.

Joe Biden frequently describes himself as “Scranton Joe” in reference to his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Biden does this to try and position himself as an average blue-collar man instead of the elitist that he really is.

Joe Biden was back in Scranton this week for a campaign rally.

“Inside the Scranton Cultural Center, Biden sought to remind a few hundred supporters of his lifelong Scranton values,” MSN reported. “His address coincided with the release of a new campaign ad, titled — wait for it — ‘Scranton,’” MSN continued. “The president’s event took place just down the road from his childhood home.”

During his speech, Biden focused mostly on the issue of taxes.

“I am a capitalist,” Biden proclaimed.

He attacked Donald Trump over his tax plan for allegedly giving tax breaks to billionaires as well as his comments about social security.

“No billionaire should pay a lower tax rate than a teacher!” he yelled at one point.

He called Trump “Donald Herbert Hoover Trump” and ripped him for increasing the federal debt.

“I have to say if Trump’s stock in Truth Social, his company, drops any lower, he might do better under my tax plan than his,” Biden said.

“Just the other day a defeated-looking guy came up to me and asked if I could help,” Biden said. “He was drowning in debt,” he continued, before delivering his punchline of “I said, ‘I’m sorry, Donald, but I can’t help you.’”

However, Biden told one story about how he was greeted when he arrived in Scranton that should inspire hope for the future of America.

“I’ve never thought I’d see a time when I’m going through a — a neighborhood or a rural town that’s in the West and see big signs that have a Trump sign in the middle that says ‘F Biden’ and having a little kid standing with his middle finger — seven years old, eight years old,” Biden said.

“Well, I promise,” he continued, before adding that “it happens all the time.”

At a time when most young folks are embracing the Left’s woke ideology, the fact that kids giving him the middle finger “happens all the time” is a positive sign for the future.

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