The Biden administration is suing a beloved convenience store chain for this awful reason

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Joe Biden is taking a wrecking ball to businesses that don’t comply with his woke agenda.

Now he’s stretching the law to lengths that no one thought was possible.

And the Biden administration is suing a beloved convenience store chain for this awful reason.

Biden gets a photo-op at a business and then sues it

Former President Donald Trump made a headline-drawing visit to a New York bodega during his criminal case in Manhattan.

President Joe Biden tried to follow suit by making a rare – and heavily choreographed – stop at a Sheetz gas station in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after meeting with steelworkers.

Sheetz is famous for its friendly customer service and its popular made-to-order food on the East Coast.

The Pennsylvania-based chain is a beloved family-owned business in the Keystone State, which is going to be one of the most important swing states in the 2024 Election.

One day after Biden stopped at Sheetz for his photo-op, his Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) hit the chain with a lawsuit for racial discrimination.

Sheetz is being sued for using criminal background checks for hiring, which the EEOC claims disproportionately impacts black, American Indian, and multiracial applicants.

But the suit admits this isn’t intentional discrimination.

The EEOC is using disparate impact theory, which holds companies liable for discrimination even when it’s an unintentional result of policy.

Sheetz rejected 14.5% of black applicants for failing a criminal background check while only 8% of white applicants were denied.

“Federal law mandates that employment practices causing a disparate impact because of race or other protected classifications must be shown by the employer to be necessary to ensure the safe and efficient performance of the particular jobs at issue,” EEOC attorney Debra M. Lawrence said in a statement to the Associated Press.

Sheetz is in hot water with the EEOC for a situation that’s beyond their control.

Applicants who apply with the company all face the same criminal background check regardless of their race.

Because the black applicants are being rejected at a higher rate, they’re being targeted.

Sheetz said that it “does not tolerate discrimination of any kind” and was working with the EEOC to resolve the situation.

Coincidentally, the Sheetz family that owns the chain are major Republican donors in Pennsylvania.

EEOC has become a weapon for an out-of-control civil rights agenda

There has been an organized effort by the Left to get rid of criminal background checks in hiring for years.

As part of Biden’s executive order prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), last year the EEOC ordered government agencies to advertise that they’re “hiring persons with criminal conduct issues in their background checks.”

Now they’re trying to force this same standard on privately-owned businesses.

Sheetz is being punished for looking at the backgrounds of the people it hires and entrusts to interact with its customers.

Clearly Joe Biden is trying to dole out another favor to the Democrat base in an election year.

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