Hillary Clinton just referred to Tucker Carlson by two words that made him realize his life could be in danger

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Tucker Carlson flew to Moscow and interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Members of the Deep State are in full panic mode.

And Hillary Clinton just referred to Tucker Carlson by two words that made him realize his life could be in danger.

Tucker Carlson recently set off a firestorm by traveling to Moscow to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Tuesday, Carlson released a video on X in which he confirmed that he was in Russia for a sit-down interview with Putin that was released Thursday evening on social media.

“We are not here because we love Vladimir Putin,” Carlson said. “We are here because we love the United States, and we want it to remain prosperous and free.”

“Their media outlets are corrupt,” he added in reference to Democrats’ media allies’ portrayal of the war in Ukraine. “They lie to their readers and their viewers, and they do that mostly by omission.”

“Americans have a right to know all they can about a war they’re implicated in, and we have the right to tell them about it because we are Americans, too,” he declared. “Freedom of speech is our birthright.”

Democrats, their media allies, and establishment RINOs erupted into a frenzy over Carlson’s announcement.

On Wednesday, former First Lady Hillary Clinton appeared for an interview on MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight in which she slammed Carlson as a “useful idiot” to Putin.

“Tucker Carlson is in Moscow right now interviewing Vladimir Putin,” Wagner began. “The first American – I’ll say – journalist to interview Putin since the war in Ukraine began,” she continued, before asking Hillary Clinton “what does it tell you about Tucker Carlson and right-wing media and also Vladimir Putin?”

Of course, Clinton said it only confirmed her allegations over the past several years of collusion with Russia – even though her “Russian collusion” hoax has been completely debunked as propaganda fabricated by her 2016 campaign.

“Well, it shows me what I think we’ve all known,” Clinton said. “He’s what is called a useful idiot.”

Clinton then claimed Russian media transcripts are making fun of him and treating him like “a puppy dog.”

“You know, somehow, after having been fired from so many outlets and the United States, he – I would not be surprised if he emerges with a contract with a Russian outlet because he is a useful idiot,” Hillary Clinton ranted.

Clinton then engaged in projection by accusing Carlson of the very things she is guilty of doing.

“He says things that are not true,” she said. “He parrots Vladimir Putin’s pack of lies about Ukraine,” she continued. “So, I don’t see why Putin wouldn’t give him an interview because, through him, he can continue to lie about what his objectives are in Ukraine, and what he expects to see happen.”

Hillary Clinton is clearly outraged over Carlson’s brave decision to interview Putin.

But there has long been a running joke in conservative circles about the number of mysterious deaths among Clinton associates.

And Tucker Carlson’s life could be in danger for this interview.

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