You won’t believe what Joe Biden’s staff just admitted

The start to Joe Biden’s presidency has been a disaster.

Even his supporters and the corporate media are struggling to cover for him.

And you won’t believe what his staff just admitted.

Joe Biden is the oldest person ever elected president at 78.

His career has been marked with gaffes for decades.

But it’s clear that he’s lost a step recently with miscues increasing.

He’s been the most tightly-controlled president in modern history.

He avoids press conferences and the few he has have been marked by bizarre behavior.

Biden has been caught saying he’s supposed to avoid questions and saying he was told to call on certain reporters in the rare time he takes questions.

This has left people wondering who’s really calling the shots in the White House.

Now his own staff has made a shocking revelation about him.

Politico reports that Biden’s own staffers are terrified of him going off message.

They report that during public remarks from Biden that staffers will either mute or turn off his remarks.

They urge him to avoid questions from reporters shouted at him after events.

Some of his staff is so nervous about what he might say that they avoid watching him speak.

This is a remarkable revelation about how Biden’s own staff is so worried about maintaining his carefully scripted image.

If he can’t be trusted to interact with the Biden-adoring corporate media, it raises the question as to what the President’s current mental state really is.

This is the latest confirmation that something may not be right with Biden.

An unnamed member of U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s staff told the British press that the recent Afghanistan fallout made Biden look “gaga” and “doolally,” which is British slang for crazy.

As problems continue to mount for the Biden regime there’ll be more pressure for him to publicly defend his actions.

With increasing stress of the presidency it raises the question whether Biden will still be on the ballot for Democrats in 2024.

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