Joe Biden was blindsided when a blue state handed him this crushing green energy defeat

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Blue states are supposed to be at the forefront of leading Joe Biden’s green energy revolution.

Even they can’t hide from the economic reality of going green.

And Joe Biden was blindsided when a blue state handed him this crushing green energy defeat.

New York cancels major offshore wind project

President Joe Biden’s green energy dreams suffered a major setback when New York announced the cancellation of three major offshore wind farms that were planned in the waters off the state’s coast.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the state agency handling offshore wind projects, said that it couldn’t close tentative agreements made in October 2023 with companies.

“Subsequent to the provisional award announcement, material modifications to projects bid into New York’s third offshore wind solicitation caused technical and commercial complexities between provisional awardees and their partners, resulting in the provisionally awarded parties’ inability to come to terms,” NYSERDA said in a statement.

New York set an ambitious goal of having 70% of the state’s power generated from green energy by 2030.

This setback makes that goal virtually unachievable now.

“NYSERDA remains committed to advancing New York’s offshore wind industry in pursuit of the state’s Climate Act goals,” NYSERDA spokeswoman Kate Muller said. “Next steps will be announced in the near future.”

Extreme environmental groups conceded that this announcement and other offshore wind delays posed a major problem for their goals.

“We are very concerned about not meeting the climate goals,” Citizens Campaign for the Environment executive director Adrienne Esposito told Politico.

The deal for the three offshore wind farms collapsed after New York’s utility regulator rejected a request by developers to charge higher prices for their electricity to offset rising costs.

Joe Biden’s wind energy goal becoming impossible to achieve

The Biden administration set a goal of building enough offshore wind farms to power 10 million homes by 2030.

He used the wildly misnamed Inflation Reduction Act – a Trojan Horse for Green New Deal policies – to shower the wind energy proposal with government subsidies.

But getting wind farms built has proved more challenging than its supporters ever realized.

Danish wind power company Orsted announced that it was canceling two major offshore wind farms in New Jersey last year because of rising costs from inflation and supply chain problems.

The Inflation Reduction Act’s subsidies couldn’t paper over the grim reality of the economy that Biden is presiding over.

Earlier this year, Equinor and British Petroleum announced that they were canceling a joint venture, Empire Wind 2, to build a major offshore wind farm in New York.

Even record government subsidies from Biden’s Green New Deal policies haven’t been able to make the offshore wind industry economically viable.

Joe Biden’s green energy plans are getting smacked in the face by the simple reality that a business needs to be able to be profitable to survive.

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