Whoopi Goldberg infuriated Americans when they heard what she just said about Colin Powell

There is no doubt The View is one of the most radically leftist shows on TV.

They can try all they want to say they’re unbiased but some of the things they say are just downright awful.

And Whoopi Goldberg infuriated Americans when they heard what she just said about Colin Powell.

On October 18 General Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, passed away from COVID-19.

Powell’s death has caused a lot of discussion given he was fully vaccinated.

Joe Biden is hellbent on forcing every American citizen to get vaccinated.

Despite constant reports of breakthrough cases, the Left still relentlessly pushes the vaccine.

Big Tech is censoring supposed “misinformation” in hopes of getting people to believe in the vaccine.

The Fake News Media has been all in for the vaccine since Joe Biden started pushing it and the co-hosts on ABC’s The View have been viciously attacking the unvaccinated since day one.

But just the other day Whoopi Goldberg took it too far when discussing the death of Colin Powell.

“Yeah, people have died,” began Goldberg. “People have died having been vaccinated. As of October, there have been 7,178 fatal breakthrough cases that have been reported to the CDC,” she added.

It was after this that Goldberg blasted the unvaccinated and tried to blame them for Powell’s death.

“You see people who have been vaccinated walking around. We’re not walking around with two heads or five tails. We’re walking around like everybody else. It is very simple. He may not have died as quickly,” Goldberg stated.

“Had everybody been vaccinated? Yes, he may not have died as quickly,” she continued in an attempt to blame the unvaccinated for Powell’s death.

Goldberg can try all she wants but many Americans are beginning to question the efficacy of the vaccine and the motivation behind the Left’s desire to push it on everyone.

No doubt Biden’s agenda is falling apart faster than anyone expected.

The lies and total mismanagement is catching up with the Democrats.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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