What this Democrat said about inflation will leave you red with rage

Democrats only care about forcing their socialist agenda on everyone in the country.

They don’t care if the economy crashes from their failed policies.

And what this Democrat said about inflation will leave you red with rage.

It’s no surprise to anyone who pays attention that Democrats couldn’t care less about the economy.

They are more than happy to drown Americans in debt to fund their radical schemes.

And their massive deficit spending is coming back to bite them.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released that the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the main measure of inflation in the United States, jumped to 5%.

That puts inflation at the highest it has been since August 2008, and the 3.8% change was the largest jump seen since 1992.

Democrats are claiming that concern about the inflation rate is just conservative alarmism – even dragging out the worst of economic arguments.

Rep. Sara Jacobs, a Democrat out of California, just made the bold claim that “prior to COVID-19 we were under our inflation targets. The Fed sets an inflation target of two to 3%. We were not reaching that for many, many years. And so, this also could be a natural rebalancing of our economy.”

Conservatives know that inflation is just a shadow tax where the government slowly reduces the value of our savings to finance their out-of-control spending.

The most insidious part about inflation is it hits working class Americans hardest as they see their food and energy bill skyrocket while their paycheck remains stagnant.

“What we have been told by folks like Janet Yellen, for example, and economists on both sides of the aisle, is that worrying about inflation should be secondary to what we have just done,” Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore said.

According to Democrats, their rampant spending is the primary focus, and the devaluation of our hard-earned money has to take a backseat.

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