Unhinged radicals forced the Supreme Court to do something unprecedented

Democrats are now being led by fringe elements.

They have completely discarded civility.

And unhinged radicals forced the Supreme Court to do something unprecedented.

Democrats remain incensed over the leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion that projects the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

But it’s not the unprecedented leak they condemn – it’s the draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito.

Democrats crow about the loss of democratic and institutional norms, but they are the ones shattering them.

And the leak of Alito’s opinion has driven him and his family into hiding.

Alito also recently canceled a scheduled appearance at a legal conference.

The other justices are also receiving heightened security around the clock.

Unhinged leftists protested outside the homes of John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh.

It is a federal crime to intimidate Justices into reaching a demanded verdict, but the laws apparently no longer apply to the Left.

They can do whatever they want so long as it’s in support of the Democrat establishment.

According to the leak, the court is currently leaning 5-4 in favor of overturning Roe, with Chief Justice Roberts being the predictable squish.

But Justice Clarence Thomas says that the court will not be bullied by the Left’s mob tactics.

Thomas said during a recent appearance, “We are becoming addicted to wanting particular outcomes, not living with the outcomes we don’t like. We can’t be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want. The events from earlier this week are a symptom of that.”

The Left have become so uncivil, Justice Kavanaugh’s own neighbors are protesting against him.

The Washington Post wrote a glowing piece about Lacie Wooten-Holway, a pro-abortion zealot, who said, “I totally understand and respect the idea that people do not wish to go to his house or that people are not ready to do that . . . So I will do it for you.”

Wooten-Holway, 39, had an abortion when she was 21, and says she does not regret her decision.

Of course, The Post would never interview the countless women who did regret their abortions.

The Left are attempting to create a consensus where one does not exist.

When people learn that overturning Roe does not automatically mean a nationwide ban on abortions, support for the pro-abortion position diminishes drastically.

The Left are absolutely not justified in going to the homes of Supreme Court justices in order to intimidate them.

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