Tucker Carlson revealed Joe Biden could arrest him for doing one thing

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The media spent four years falsely claiming Donald Trump attacked the free press.

But once again, it’s really Joe Biden who is the threat.

And Tucker Carlson revealed Joe Biden could arrest him for doing one thing.

Tucker Carlson said lawyers warned him Biden could arrest him over Putin interview

Tucker Carlson made the media’s brains melt when he traveled to Russia to interview President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson explained that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine set in motion a chain of events that could lead to World War III and nuclear annihilation, so Carlson thought it was important to get his thoughts on the record.

In an interview with podcaster Lex Friedman, Carlson explained that his lawyers warned him that Joe Biden could put him in jail if he followed through on the Putin interview.

Carlson said his lawyers worried Biden would say Carlson violated sanctions against Russia and put him in prison.

“My lawyers before I left, and these are people who work for a big law firm, this is not Bob’s Law Firm, this is one of the biggest law firms in the world, said you’re going to get arrested if you do this, by the U.S. government on sanctions violations,” Carlson stated.

“Their sincere conclusion was do not do this,” Carlson added.

Carlson rejects lawyers’ advice

Carlson then said his lawyers believed that Biden would try and arrest Carlson if he gave Putin a softball interview.

“He said, ‘look, a lot will depend on the questions that you ask Putin. If you’re seen as too nice to him, you could get arrested when you come back,’” Carlson continued.

“I said, well I don’t recognize the legitimacy of that actually because I’m American and I’ve lived here my whole life and that’s so outrageous that I’m happy to face that risk because I so reject the premise,” Carlson concluded.

Not the first time Joe Biden’s weaponized government targeted Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson had good reason to fear Joe Biden’s weaponized government would come after him.

Carlson set off a firestorm back in 2021 when he said a whistleblower informed him that the Biden administration spied on his emails when he first tried to set up an interview with Putin back when he was at Fox News.

The whistleblower, Carlson told viewers, relayed to him that the Biden administration snooped through his emails so as to frame Carlson as a Russian asset and ruin his reputation.

Thankfully the Biden administration didn’t follow through on a threat to jail Carlson for violating Russian sanctions.

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