Trump-appointed FDIC Chairwoman resigns after warning of a “hostile” takeover by Democrats

Democrats are getting desperate.

The radical leftist agenda Joe Biden and his administration have been pushing for almost a year now is failing.

And now a Trump-appointed FDIC Chairwoman has resigned after warning of a “hostile” takeover by Democrats.

In a letter to Joe Biden, Jelena McWilliams, who was appointed to the FDIC by former President Donald Trump in 2018 resigned her position.

“Throughout my tenure, the agency has focused on its fundamental mission to maintain and instill confidence in our banking system while at the same time promoting innovation, strengthening financial inclusion, improving transparency, and supporting community banks and minority depository institutions, including through the creation of the Mission-Driven Bank Fund,” the statement read.

McWilliams is a Serbian born lawyer and immigrant to the U.S. had previously warned of a “hostile takeover” by Democrats in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

According to reports, Democrat officials at the FDIC had been butting heads with McWilliams for weeks over procedural issues related to the leadership of the board.

One member of the FDIC, Rohit Chopra, claimed that McWilliams was “stymying” efforts by him and other Democrats to review bank merger rules.

Joe Biden will stop at nothing to have complete and total control of every facet of the American institute, especially the banking system.

Without full support of officials in the finance world, Biden certainly can’t turn the United States into the socialist nation he hopes to make it.

The resignation of McWilliams gives Biden an opportunity to strengthen his influence over bank regulations.

The last thing the U.S. needs is Democrats controlling the FDIC, but it appears that’s the way it will go.

It’s because of Joe Biden and the Democrat controlled Congress that so many Americans are suffering financially, and the country is experiencing historic inflation.

Now they’ll have control of the banking system, which leaves few experts with any hope that things will get better.

This is just the beginning of Democrats’ plan to strong arm conservatives out of every pocket of the American financial system.

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