This radical leftist Congresswoman just introduced a bill to cancel rent and mortgage payments

The far-left has undoubtedly become addicted to canceling anything and everything in recent years.

Whether they’re canceling Dr. Seuss or every aspect of human existence under the guise of public health, they simply can’t get enough.

But now they’re upping the ante, as one radical leftist Congresswoman just introduced a bill that would cancel all rent and mortgage payments.

With the passage of the Democrat’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, which is actually filled with more spending for non-COVID related initiatives than not, the national moratorium on evictions has been extended.

Essentially, whether or not someone is able to actually pay their rent or mortgage, landlords and mortgage holders are unable to evict them due to non-payment because Democrats feel doing so somehow spreads COVID.

Apparently, though, that isn’t enough for one extremist Democrat.

On Thursday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) introduced a bill that would cancel all rent and mortgage payments as long as the COVID pandemic continues.

This marks the second time in the past year that Omar has proposed the legislation and attempted to bring it to a vote.

In a press release, Omar’s office claimed the bill would “institute a nationwide cancellation of rents and home mortgage payments through the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Under the bill, renters and homeowners would receive “full payment forgiveness,” and a lack of payment would supposedly not result in financial debt or negative effects on credit ratings or rental history.

On top of that, the federal government would pay landlords and mortgage holders for any financial losses they incur due to canceled payments through a “relief fund.”

“The people across this country will be forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars in back rent when it ends,” Omar said. “In some cases, local governments are allowing evictions to continue despite the moratorium. In other cases, landlords are going bankrupt due to the lack of income.”

“The solution is to cancel rent and mortgage payments,” she concluded.

In addition to Omar, Washington Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a co-sponsor of the bill, voiced her support for the effort as well, saying “. . . the federal government needs to step up and provide relief for renters while also ensuring that small mom and pop landlords who rely on rental income for survival aren’t left behind.”

“It is not enough to sit back and just hope that a patchwork of eviction moratoriums keep families in their homes; we must cancel rent and mortgage payments during this crisis because housing is a human right – during a pandemic and always.”

Over 20 Democrats are co-sponsors of the bill, including typical far-left ideologues like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Barbara Lee, Rashida Tlaib, and Cori Bush.

While these Democrats want to pretend that this is a bill only made necessary because of COVID, the reality is this bill wouldn’t even be considered if not for their actions.

COVID has certainly changed much of our society, but most of the harm done to our nation, and the world at large, hasn’t come from the virus itself.

It’s come from the policies of politicians like those pushing this effort.

The only reason unemployment has skyrocketed, renters and homeowners have fallen behind on payments, and landlords and mortgage owners are facing financial ruin is because Democrat policies have crippled the economy.

The economic impact of COVID restrictions on businesses will ultimately have far more devastating consequences on the American people than the actual virus ever has, if that hasn’t happened already.

Seeking to cancel all rent and mortgage payments is a convenient way for Democrat politicians to fix a problem they caused in the first place.

And it’s likely that their so-called solution will inevitably cause even more economic issues that they will again pretend to fix with yet another bandaid.

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