This phrase is one of the most Googled searches in America and it’s all Joe Biden’s fault

As President of the United States, Donald Trump had the economy rip-roaring at record levels.

Joe Biden…not so much.

And now, thanks to the Joe Biden economy, one of the most searched phrases on Google is incredibly depressing.

Under President Joe Biden, inflation is at a 40-year high – of nearly 8%.

And there is no end in sight, as economic experts are predicting the next calculation of the 12-month rolling inflation average will reach 10%.

American families are having to find an extra $5,200 in their budget compared to last year, all thanks to Biden’s inflation tax hike.

Gas prices are at record highs and still climbing and food shortages are expected that will add even more costs to your grocery store trips.

It’s depressing, to be sure.

According to Datatrek, Google search volumes for “food stamps” are at double the rate of pre-pandemic levels.

And the gains have spiked recently, as search volumes are trending even higher since the start of 2022.

“We suspect food inflation and still-lower levels of labor force participation versus pre-pandemic are playing a role here,” a spokesperson for DataTrek said.

Government records indicate 41.5 million people were on food stamps at the end of 2021 with an average benefit of $218 per person.

That comes out to more than $9-Billion in food stamp benefits in a single year.

And the increases of Google searches for the term suggest new people are seeking out information on how to sign up for the program.

The only silver lining is Biden’s economy could cost Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

Poll-after-poll shows inflation is one of the top two issues voters are concerned about heading into the midterms.

And a recent Rasmussen Report survey found 64% of Americans believe President Biden’s economic policies are to blame for skyrocketing inflation — while only 8% think Biden’s policies have reduced inflation.

How there can be even 8% that believe the Biden Administration has reduced inflation when inflation is at a 40-year high is beyond any reasonable explanation.

The Biden Administration has taken to a strategy of blaming year-long inflation surges and record high gas prices on Russian Premiere Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine.

Fortunately, the polling shows American voters aren’t buying the bill of goods Joe Biden and Jen Psaki are selling.

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