This eighth grader left a Fox News host dumbfounded with the unnerving tale of his experience with government school censorship

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The news used to be local, and that meant telling uplifting stories about those in our communities.

It always felt great for kids to do something worthy of making it on the local news.

But now this eighth grader left a Fox News host dumbfounded with the unnerving tale of his experience with government school censorship.

“There are only two genders”

Liam Morrison was a 7th grader at Nichols Middle School in Middleboro, Massachusetts when he learned what the woke left-wing outrage mob’s takeover of government schools is capable of.

The preteen was tired of the woke indoctrination being forced on him, and decided he would stand up for his beliefs.

The student took the simple step of wearing a t-shirt to school that read, “there are only two genders.”

Morrison didn’t make it through his first period of the day before he was removed from the classroom by the “acting principal.”

Now, Fox News has given him the opportunity to talk about his personal experience with censorship inside America’s government schools.

Morrison hopes that his story will inspire others to stand up for what they believe in.

Talk of “sex and gender” at school didn’t make sense

Morrison says that leading up to the incident there had been “a lot of talk about sex and gender” at his Massachusetts middle school, and like most working-class Americans from all walks of life, he was simply growing tired of it.

“The administration, teachers, and other students all talk about it. They put up pride flags and posters,” he said, adding that the main theme was to promote feelings over biological facts.

Morrison said he had a hard time understanding why the educators inside his government school were pushing so hard on this topic.

“I don’t think it makes any sense at all. I think it is confusing to a lot of kids,” he said.

Then one night, when he was speaking to his dad about it, they came up with a way to “share” his opinion on the topic.

Morrison had noticed a lot of other students wearing t-shirts promoting their personal beliefs and ideologies, and decided he’d do the same.

One of the kids in his class had worn a shirt that said, “He, she, they, it’s all okay.”

Morrison would find a shirt that contradicted it in order to peacefully protest the nonsense transpiring inside his government school.

America is “great” because we have the freedom to “have a mind of our own”

“It wasn’t mean or rude. It didn’t say anything bad about people who disagree. I just expressed my opinion,” he said, per Fox News.

But he was promptly removed from class, and told that he wouldn’t be allowed to resume the day unless he changed his shirt.

Ultimately, Morrison changed his shirt to one that read, “there are censored genders.”

But the government school’s administration made him change that shirt too.

“Now my family is suing the school for violating my right to speak freely. Our Constitution says they can’t do that. Students have free speech rights, too,” he says.

Morrison says that the logic of the situation would create an environment in which anyone can be censored just by saying “I’m offended,” and he doesn’t want to live in a country where that is possible.

“I know a lot of people are afraid to speak up. We shouldn’t be afraid—not to think or to speak our opinions,” he wrote in the column.

Free Speech is “what makes America great.”

Morrison hopes to inspire everyone “to have a mind of our own.”

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