This college professor filed a lawsuit that will drive the far-Left insane

Racial discrimination lawsuits against an employer have become rather common.

In a time in which the far-left pushes the idea that racism is the reason some minorities are unsuccessful, it’s easier for many to sue their employer rather than doing what it takes to earn a higher wage or promotion.

But there’s no doubt that this college professor’s racial discrimination lawsuit will drive the far-left insane.

William T. Lavell has been a chemistry professor at Camden County College in New Jersey for 25 years, and holds three professional degrees.

Recently, Lavell was made aware of the fact that two of his colleagues, both of which hold fewer degrees than him, are being paid significantly more money.

But here’s the kicker – Lavell is white and his two colleagues who are being paid a higher salary are both black.

According to a nine-page lawsuit, Lavell alleges that because of the fact that his colleagues hold less degrees than him, they are less qualified, yet the two black professors’ salaries are $142,600 and $137,157 respectively, while Lavell is paid just $91,923 per year.

The lawsuit also states that Lavell, who was hired by the school in 1995, has served as a professor, a department chairman, and in 2016, was named the dean of the school’s math, science, and health careers division, yet he is still compensated less than his black colleagues.

When the professor discovered the pay disparity between himself and his black colleagues, he filed a discrimination complaint with Donald Borden, the college’s president, and other administrators and asked that his salary be increased to more closely align with his nonwhite counterparts.

However, the school denied Lavell’s request for a salary increase, leading him to file a lawsuit over “severe emotional distress, embarrassment, humiliation, and loss of self-esteem” caused by the “stark racial disparities” in compensation.

Of course, situations like this, in which less qualified professors and teachers are paid more based on their race is only becoming more common across the nation.

Over the past year, colleges and universities, as well as K-12 public school districts, have begun adopting race-based hiring practices at a much higher rate.

For example, in Oregon, school districts must use a merit-based system in hiring teachers, unless it interferes with their “diversity ratio,” of course.

So while a lawsuit like Lavell’s may seem out of the ordinary, they’re only going to become more necessary and common as schools hire and compensate teachers to advance the far-left agenda, rather than hiring and appropriately compensating the best teachers possible, regardless of race.

Fortunately, though, we can take solace in the fact that these lawsuits are going to drive the far-left completely insane.

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