This CNN host is so desperate to take down Fox News he just pulled the oldest Democrat stunt in the book

It couldn’t be more obvious that CNN is floundering.

And, whenever things get ugly, these days leftists always play the race card.

But one CNN host’s latest attack on his most successful competitor is so lame it’s almost funny.

Host Brian Stelter is busy slinging mud at his wildly successful competitors, rather than producing a news show with actual news that might attract viewers.

On this week’s “Reliable Sources,” Stelter pulled the most worn out leftist tactic and accused Fox News of racism by “starting a fight that’s rooted in white identity politics.”

The smear comes after some hosts called out Biden for already choosing the race and gender of his future Supreme Court appointee before even considering other credentials.

He started off by griping about divisiveness in the country.

“When people lose their minds in ideological disputes, political feuds, or gang vendettas. High conflict is a force that causes people to lie awake at night and fear for the future.” Stelter said. Adding that we “can see this kind of conflict right now with a looming Supreme Court confirmation battle.”

Then he turned around and did exactly what he’d just condemned media outlets for doing.

“Fox wants a fight. Right-wing radio and TV wants a fight. They need a fight over the Supreme Court. They are already starting a fight that’s rooted in white identity politics,” Stelter said. “All of Fox’s primetime shows are outraged that Biden has committed to nominating a justice who is black and female.”

You can’t even make up this kind of nonsense.

Of course, Fox News didn’t make this about race.

Joe Biden and his handlers have been forced to make everything about race for years now – in part to make up for the fact that they put an old white guy in as President and turned a blind eye while his family used the office to make themselves filthy rich in the process.

In the world they created where race and gender trumps actual qualifications, Democrats have a lot more explaining to do than conservatives who are merely sitting on the sidelines noting that they’ve made a hot mess out of everything they’ve touched.

Lately, the nasty banter bandied about by CNN hosts has been producing the results you’d expect.

As of early January, the bankrupt network was only pulling an average 548,000 viewers during the week compared to Fox News’ more than 1.4 million viewers.

Fox News is also leading in the most valuable demographic (according to advertisers) with 223,000 viewers between the ages of 25 and 54.

CNN only got 113,000 viewers in that age range – no information is available on how many viewers were watching for the sole purpose of seeing how fast the network news ship is sinking.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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