The Texas Supreme Court just handed down a massive ruling on mask mandates that stunned millions

Texas has long been seen as one of the last major bastions for freedom in America.

However, with Democrats flooding the lonestar state to flip it blue, that may not last forever.

And now the Texas Supreme Court just handed down a massive ruling on mask mandates that stunned millions.

With mask and vaccine mandates popping up all over the country, conservative Americans have been looking to their leaders to see who will stand up for their freedoms in the face of these draconian mandates.

Thankfully, several Governors including Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Greg Abbott (R-TX) have taken it upon themselves to defend the rights of Americans to simply choose whether they should wear masks or get vaccinated by outright banning masks and vaccine mandates in their states.

But of course, banning mask and vaccine mandates will put you right in front of the line to be tested by the radical Left and statist cronies.

Recently, that’s exactly what happened in Texas.

When Greg Abbott banned mask mandates from being enforced in Texas, multiple appellate courts in the state of Texas upheld the mask mandates in several counties across Texas, including San Antonio and Dallas.

However, the Texas Supreme Court has now temporarily overruled those lower courts that were upholding the mask mandates – reinstating Governor Abbott’s ban on mask mandates for the time being.

This isn’t an uncommon approach from higher courts with issues that are still being litigated.

The logic goes that it makes sense to allow the original executive order be upheld while the rest of the litigation takes place and is determined whether it’s lawful.

So Abbott’s ban on mask mandates isn’t out of the woods yet.

But it’s certainly positive for his corner to see the ban be upheld in the meantime.

Usually that gives an indication of how toxic the members of the court view the order.

So it may be that Abbott continues to see success in his war against mask mandates – especially against forcing school children to wear a mask in school or get a vaccine.

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