The Supreme Court just agreed to take up this case that is sure to be a major blow to Biden’s leftist agenda

Democrats know the liberal policies they keep pushing through will almost certainly get crushed in the Supreme Court.

They’re learning first-hand how successful former President Donald Trump was in reshaping the court.

And the Supreme Court just agreed to take up this case that is sure to be a major blow to Biden’s leftist agenda.

The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case that could have state laws all over the country being brought into question.

On Monday, the Justices said they will review a lower-court ruling that upheld New York’s restrictive gun permit law. 

New York Rifle & Pistol Association v. Keith M. Corlett is a case that could strike down laws across the country that restrict the right of Americans to conceal carry firearms.

The Daily Caller reported on the case, saying:

The case began when Robert Nash and Brandon Koch applied for a concealed carry permit in Rensselaer County. Both applications were denied after the licensing officer determined they each “failed to show ‘proper cause’ to carry a firearm in public for the purpose of self-defense, because [they] did not demonstrate a special need for self-defense that distinguished [them] from the general public.”

Nash cited a recent string of robberies and his recent completion of an advanced firearm safety training course as a reason for wanting to carry a firearm outside of his home. Koch cited his “extensive experience in the safe handling and operation of firearms and the many safety training courses he had completed” as a reason for his request.

New York is among eight states that limit who has the right to carry a weapon in public. The others are California, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. 

In the rest of the country, gun owners have little trouble legally carrying their weapons when they go out.

This will be the first major Second Amendment case since the 2008 Heller decision, which held that Americans have a fundamental right to own guns.

However, the Heller case did not address any other gun control laws other than that the Second Amendment applied to a citizen owning a gun in their home.

This case could be a huge victory for gun owners everywhere and could very well stop Biden’s anti-gun agenda in its tracks.

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