Little Caesars launched one new menu item that put the pizza world on notice

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Little Caesars is a pizza chain that usually plays it safe with its menu.

Now the company is releasing its most unique creation yet.

And Little Caesars launched one new menu item that put the pizza world on notice.

Little Caesars is known for being able to deliver a cheap, ready-to-go pizza that’s become a favorite of kids’ parties and gatherings.

The Detroit, Michigan-based pizza chain isn’t known for its wild menu innovations like its rival Pizza Hut.

Now the value-priced chain is solving one of the biggest problems that vexed its fans.

Little Caesars introduces new Crazy Puffs

Little Caesars tries to keep its menu simple so it can crank out mass quantities of pepperoni and cheese pizzas that are hot and ready.

The chain is unique among the national pizza chains in that it only offers one size on its traditional round pizzas, a large 14-inch.

Fans of Little Caesars who were looking for a slice or personal pizza were out of luck if they wanted something smaller other than lunch – where it offers a lunch combo with four slices of Detroit-style deep dish.

Now the chain is rolling out Crazy Puffs, which are a perfect option for a fast food fan looking for a smaller portion on the go.

The Crazy Puffs are pockets of dough stuffed with cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperoni.

And they’re baked in the shape of a muffin before they’re drizzled with garlic butter and finished with a sprinkle of parmesan and Italian spices.

“We know our customers live busy lives,” Little Caesars Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hamilton said in a press release. “That’s why we created Crazy Puffs—to deliver the iconic Little Caesars experience in a handheld format perfect for anyone on the go. Whether you’re conquering errands, cheering on your team, or need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, Crazy Puffs are your delicious answer.”

The Crazy Puffs are essentially a mini version of the chain’s Detroit Deep Dish.

Little Caesars lives up to its reputation for value

Little Caesars rebuilt its brand by being known for excellent value, and the Crazy Puffs are no exception.

They’re sold in a set of four for $3.99 making it one of the better values in fast food.

Fans can get them in pepperoni or cheese, following the focus of the chain’s pizza.

Currently, they’re scheduled for a limited-time run but they appear to be on their way to becoming a cult favorite.

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