The FBI got caught hiding this January 6 video that will change everything

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Americans are learning a more complete picture about what really happened on January 6.

The story Liz Cheney and the January 6 Committee told was nowhere near the complete picture.

And the FBI got caught hiding this January 6 video that will change everything.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy granted Tucker Carlson exclusive access to the January 6 security camera footage.

Carlson began playing what he discovered on his Fox News show.

One of the major revelations involved the so-called “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley.

Chansley pled guilty to “obstructing a federal proceeding” and received a 41-month prison sentence.

Federal prosecutors declared Chansley the poster child for January 6 and a violent insurrectionist.

Images of a bare chested Chansley with his face painted wearing a furry, horned Viking head created an aura of Conan the Barbarian.

The footage Carlson showed painted a different picture.

Security camera video shows police leading a calm Chansley around the Capitol.

Chansley was able to enter the Senate chamber because officers found and opened an unlocked door for him.

This footage undercut the story the prosecution told the judge at Chansley’s sentencing.

But until Carlson played the video no one had seen this evidence.

That’s because George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley revealed that the FBI withheld the footage from Chansley’s defense team.

Turley wrote:

I spoke with Chansley’s new counsel, Bill Shipley, and confirmed that defense counsel did not have this material.

In the hearing, federal prosecutor Kimberly Paschall played videos showing Chansley yelling along with the crowd and insisted “that is not peaceful.”

That portrayal of Chansley would have been more difficult to maintain if the Court was allowed to see images of Chansley casually walking through a door of the Capitol with hundreds of other protesters and then being escorted by officers through the Capitol. At no point is he violent and at no point is he shown destroying evidence. Instead, he dutifully follows the officers who facilitate his going eventually to the unoccupied Senate floor.

Turley noted that Chansely still would have ended up in prison, but if the judge had all the evidence in front of him he would not have delivered such a harsh sentence.

And that was the point of Carlson playing January 6 footage.

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