The Deep State just pulled one dirty trick to justify their raid on Trump’s home

The country is still reeling after the unprecedented FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Never has the Department of Justice been weaponized against a former President in this way.

But now the Deep State just pulled one dirty trick to justify their raid on Trump’s home.

The Biden administration is moving the country toward banana republic territory with the jaw-dropping raid on Donald Trump’s home.

The so-called “mainstream” media are doing their best to downplay the raid, but the FBI is using a different stratagem.

America’s highly politicized intelligence community is deflecting from the raid by claiming that threats of domestic terrorism are up in reaction.

In other words, the FBI raided Trump’s home, and they’re attempting to blame Trump and his supporters for being upset about it.

They’re attempting to frame any criticism of the raid as either incitement or outright support for political violence.

Fox News reported that “a bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation was sent to law enforcement agencies warning of increased threats following the FBI’s execution of the search warrant at former President Trump’s Florida estate. In the days since the warrant was executed, the FBI and DHS have seen an increase in ‘violent threats’ against law enforcement, judiciary and government personnel, including a particular threat to ‘place a so-called Dirty Bomb in front of FBI headquarters,’ according to the bulletin. ‘General calls’ for ‘civil war’ and ‘armed rebellion’ have also increased in recent days on social media. The bulletin states that many of the threats include references to the claim that the 2020 election was stolen, in addition to other perceived claims of government overreach.”

This is a common Deep State tactic within the intelligence community.

Anyone who opposes the Deep State for any reason could be branded a domestic terrorist.

Former CIA Director John Brennan explicitly said that “even libertarians” could be targeted by the government.

Another former CIA Director, Michael Hayden, claimed Republicans were worse than al-Qaeda by agreeing with one reporter’s hyperbolic tweet.

Never mind that both disgraced CIA directors committed perjury before Congress on different occasions, routinely lying to the American people, and ought to be behind bars for their actions rather than making millions on television as commentators for left-wing outlets.

These claims are out of an age-old playbook for the Deep State.

The Biden administration attempted to portray people resistant to the COVID vaccine as domestic terror threats, which fascistic Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explicitly did.

Attorney General Merrick Garland even sicced the FBI on parents who protested at school board meetings – and continues to do so.

Everyone should condemn political violence, but the Democrats and their Fake News Media allies refused to do so when far-left extremists rioted and looted for several months in 2020, burning American cities and causing untold billions in damages.

The raid on Trump’s home was unconscionable – and should be called out.

That is not the same as advocating for acts of terror, but the Deep State is actively attempting to blur that line in the public mind.

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