The Biden administration is “pressing” the Supreme Court to allow warrantless gun confiscation

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Biden administration is aiming to make gun control a central part of their time in office.

For years now, Democrats have wanted to do just that, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made it clear it’s among their top priorities.

And according to reports, the Biden administration is now “pressing” the Supreme Court to allow warrantless gun confiscation.

As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Caniglia v. Storm last week, the Biden administration weighed in and urged the court to uphold warrantless gun confiscation.

The case of Caniglia v. Storm deals with the warrantless confiscation of two handguns from a citizen by police without any health or safety concerns being involved.

Essentially, an elderly husband and wife had an argument over coffee that caused the wife to leave the home and stay in a hotel.

The next morning after calling and not getting an answer, the wife became worried that her husband may have hurt himself, and called the police in order for them to do a wellness check.

Law enforcement were able to persuade the husband, who had no history or record of self-harm, to check himself into a hospital for a psychological evaluation by promising if he did so they wouldn’t confiscate his firearms.

The officers then lied to the wife by claiming that the husband consented to the confiscation of the couple’s two handguns, so she led law enforcement to where they were being safely kept.

Once the husband was discharged from the hospital – almost immediately as there were no psychological issues at play – police refused to return the guns until the husband was forced to file a civil rights lawsuit against them.

At no time did police claim they were confiscating the firearms in response to any emergency or to prevent imminent danger, and instead claimed their actions were a form of “community caretaking.”

And with this case soon to be decided by the Supreme Court, the Biden administration has viewed this as the perfect time to push the court to uphold warrantless confiscation of firearms.

According to Forbes, the Biden administration pushed the court to side with the police in the case, claiming “the ultimate touchstone of the Fourth Amendment is ‘reasonableness,’” and that warrants shouldn’t be required “when a government official’s action is objectively grounded in a non-investigatory public interest, such as health and safety.”

Again, the police in the Caniglia v. Storm case never once cited “health and safety” as the basis for their actions.

After the Biden administration argued their case to the Supreme Court, even liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor appeared to take issue with the administration’s argument.

As the Justice noted, “there was no immediate danger to the person threatening suicide and no immediate danger to the wife because the suicide person [sic] was removed to a hospital.”

Sotomayor also said she didn’t have an issue with the husband being forced to undergo a psychological evaluation, but said the issue lies in the fact that police went “into the home without attempt to secure consent from the wife and seizing the gun and then keeping them indefinitely until a lawsuit is filed.”

“The wife tried to get it back. He tried to get it back. Weeks and weeks went by,” Sotomayor pointed out. “When we permit police to search and seize without some standard, we run the risk of situations like this one repeating themselves.”

On top of that, Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch slammed the idea that government officials could secure a so-called “administrative warrant” as an alternative to an actual, legal warrant.

“If the government can just get an administrative warrant to come in to test for illness, to check the temperature of the house, whether it’s too hot, too cold . . . what’s left of the Fourth Amendment?” Gorsuch asked rhetorically.

Obviously, the Biden administration, and others who will stop at nothing to enact gun control, are pushing for the Court to weaken the Fourth Amendment so they will have an easier path to total gun confiscation.

But fortunately, they appear to be all alone on this issue, as even liberals like Sotomayor on the Supreme Court seem unwilling to back up their efforts.

That will not stop them from continuing to push for these types of erosions of the Bill of Rights, though.

This is just the first fight in a long battle liberty loving Americans will have to endure throughout Biden’s time in office.

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