Ted Cruz gave Democrats a reality check over this scheme to remove Clarence Thomas

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Democrats have Justice Clarence Thomas in their crosshairs.

They’re reaching too deep into their bag of tricks to kick him off of the court.

And Ted Cruz gave Democrats a reality check over this scheme to remove Clarence Thomas.

Democrats are furious that conservative Justices have the majority on the Supreme Court.

So they’re ramping up their efforts to discredit Justice Clarence Thomas and try to get him impeached from the court.

Now a media hit piece is trying to manufacture a scandal out of thin air involving Thomas over his relationship with his longtime friend, billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow.

It accused Thomas of failing to report vacations that he took with Crow that were paid for by the Republican donor.

Thomas is under no obligation to report travel that is paid for by a friend according to the Supreme Court’s ethics standards.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other prominent Democrats have called for Thomas to be impeached after the story broke.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took off the gloves after the latest attempt by Democrats to take down Thomas during an appearance on Fox News.

“You know what Justice Thomas did wrong?” Cruz said. “He’s been one of the greatest Supreme Court Justices ever to serve on the court. He has been a principled constitutionalist. And the Left despises him.”

Cruz accused Democrats of coming after Thomas because he’s a prominent black conservative.

“Democrats hate Justice Thomas and they save a special degree of hate for him because he’s a black man,” Cruz continued. “And their view is that an African-American is not allowed to be a conservative, is not allowed to disagree with left-wing orthodoxy.”

Cruz pointed out that Democrats never showed the same “contempt” for former Justice Antonin Scalia, who was white and as conservative as Thomas.

“Justice Thomas, they view as a traitor, because he is African-American, and he’s an extraordinary Justice,” Cruz said. “And listen, the ‘ethics complaints’ they’re raising, every single Supreme Court Justice, all nine of them, take trips across the country, take trips internationally that are paid for by others.”

Despite Democrats trying to make Thomas’ situation seem like an unprecedented scandal, it’s a common occurrence for Justices.

Former liberal Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer each took over 100 trips while they were on the court that were paid for by others.

“And all of the media, all the Democrats who are attacking Justice Thomas, they don’t care at all,” Cruz added. “They’re not looking at any of the Democrat Justices. They’re not looking at any other judges. This is a political smear job directed at Clarence Thomas because he is an extraordinary constitutionalist, and the Left hates him for it.”

The Supreme Court has handed Democrats a series of high-profile defeats under President Joe Biden on things like abortion and gun rights.

Now Democrats are trying to use every dirty trick in the book to break the conservative majority on the Court.

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