Stacey Abrams made one jaw-dropping claim in light of the Supreme Court’s epic ruling

Stacey Abrams is back and worse than ever.

The failed candidate for Governor is attempting to unseat Brian Kemp in Georgia.

And Abrams made one jaw-dropping claim in light of the Supreme Court’s epic ruling.

Democrats have been freaking out about abortion ever since the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade and again made abortion a state issue.

Georgia is one of the states that had instituted a six-week “heartbeat” ban, and Stacey Abrams is furious.

Abrams, who lost to Governor Brian Kemp in 2018 but claimed that she actually won because of voter suppression, said in a video that fetal heartbeats were a “manufactured sound.”

During a panel discussion, Abrams said, “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

Apparently Abrams knows something about obstetrics that everyone else does not know.

Even though the heart is not fully formed until later in the pregnancy, there is “cardiac activity” even earlier than six weeks.

Abrams is a radical abortion activist who believes in zero restrictions on abortion up to the point of birth, a position only supported by 19% of Americans.

Two-thirds of the country support limits on abortion after the first trimester.

During a recent appearance on The View, newly minted RINO Alyssa Farah Griffin asked Abrams, “Do you think there should be any legal limits on abortion, such as the third trimester or viability?”

Abrams responded, “I believe that abortion is a medical decision, not a political decision . . . Arbitrary politically-defined timelines are deeply problematic because they ignore the reality of medical and physiological issues . . . Abortion is a medical decision, not a political decision . .. The limit should not be made by politicians who don’t understand basic biology or apparently basic morality.”

Abrams must have been talking about herself because she doesn’t understand biology or morality.

Abortion is one of many issues where Democrats have moved to the fringes.

“Safe, legal, and rare” has been replaced with #ShoutYourAbortion, and radical groups are firebombing crisis pregnancy centers and Catholic Churches.

While these centers are being terrorized, politicians like Abrams are attempting to have them shut down.

There is almost no daylight between mainstream Democrat politicians and the radicals that put on masks, smash windows, vandalize properties, and beat people up.

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