Shocking images are making students rethink their blind support for Joe Biden

The Democrat Media Complex begins indoctrinating kids early.

By the time they get to college, they’ve had at least a dozen years of programming.

But shocking images are making students rethink their blind support for Joe Biden.

College campuses are ground zero for left-wing indoctrination.

That’s where all of the Left’s bad ideas incubate, then they get spread to other areas of life by graduates.

But conservative and libertarian organizations are attempting to fight back against the echo chamber mentality by giving students a broader perspective.

That’s what happened at the University of Texas at San Antonio when an advocate for the group Campus Reform showed students images of what’s actually going on at the southern border.

The Democrats and their allies in the corporate-controlled press have done everything they can to obscure the illegal immigration crisis.

The FAA stopped Fox News drones from flying over the border in Del Rio, Texas because the Biden administration did not want people to see the thousands of migrants sleeping under bridges in the border town.

The images still got out because border patrol agents agreed to take journalists up in helicopters.

The Democrats and the so-called “mainstream” media quickly pivoted to a fake story about border patrol agents whipping Haitian migrants.

The bogus story became so pervasive, bombastic politicians like Congresswoman Maxine Waters said the incident was “worse than slavery.”

The Biden administration banned border patrol agents in Del Rio from riding horses as a result of the fabricated media story.

Even the people filming the incident said it was misconstrued by the press.

But the faux controversy allowed Joe Biden and the Democrats to avoid talking about their abject failure on the border.

Biden foolishly reversed Donald Trump’s border policies as soon as he got into office, and the results have been catastrophic.

The insane policy of catch-and-release is essentially back.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted in a recent interview that 10,000 to 12,000 Haitian migrants were released into the interior of the country with a “notice to appear.”

But over 90% of asylum claims are rejected, so most illegal aliens simply don’t show up to court – very few self-deport.

The images coming out of Del Rio are hard even for Biden-supporting college students to get behind.

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