Ron DeSantis left Democrats panicking after he made one big announcement

Democrats are scrambling for a candidate to run in 2024.

Meanwhile, they can see Ron DeSantis coming from miles away.

And DeSantis left Democrats panicking after he made one big announcement.

Democrats have done their best to demonize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to no avail.

He’s on pace to win reelection easily, and he’s a strong contender for 2024 if Donald Trump does not run again.

And DeSantis recently released his Playbook for 2022 and beyond.


DeSantis was criticized for promoting the Parental Rights in Education bill – which was smeared as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill – but it was actually supported by a majority of Democrats in the state of Florida.

And DeSantis detailed other popular proposals that demonstrate his growing popularity.

On education, the Playbook explained that “Governor DeSantis has taken a strong stance against any school imposing divisive ‘what to think not how to think’ concepts on their students. The Governor banned educators from teaching students Critical Race Theory (CRT), strengthened civics education and financial literacy, and eliminated Common Core in Florida.”

The neo-Marxist doctrine of CRT has become wildly unpopular despite far-left efforts to spread it far and wide.

CRT has become a core plank of the Democrat Party, proving that the Democrats can no longer pretend to be moderate.

On elections, the Playbook detailed how DeSantis, “banned Zuckerbucks so Big Tech moguls cannot influence Florida elections, made ballot harvesting a felony, required supervisors of elections to check voter rolls for ineligible voters, strengthened voter ID requirements for mail-in ballots, banned mass mailing of ballots, [and] created an Election Crimes and Security Office to stamp out voting fraud.”

Education and elections are two of the biggest areas of focus for the Democrats and DeSantis is taking them head on.

The teachers unions are beholden to the Democrat Party and vice versa, so reforming public education is like pulling teeth.

And Democrats are determined to keep election security as porous as possible.

DeSantis also learned from Trump and called out the media.

The Playbook includes a quote from the Governor that reads, “These are smear merchants. This is why no one trusts corporate media. They are a disaster in what they are doing.”

It’s hard to deny that after the past six years.

The media malfeasance has been on a level perhaps never seen before in American history.

DeSantis is showing why people are fleeing blue states and flocking to Florida.

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