Republicans are fighting back against “wokeness” with this strong move

Conservatives have been getting pummeled in the culture war for years.

Largely because they did not even know it was happening.

Now, however, Republicans are fighting back against “wokeness” with this strong move.

Republicans and conservatives have been losing the culture war to the Left for many decades.

They were content to go about their lives and ignore the insanity of the Left.

But decades of avoiding the culture war has resulted in the “woke” insanity seen today.

People on the right have finally realized the depth and breadth of the problem, and they’re fighting back.

Arguably, the Left’s main source of power rests in the university system.

That’s where terrible fringe ideas are allowed to fester, then graduates disperse to academia, K-12 education, media, law, entertainment, NGOs, the military, and everywhere else.

But Republicans in Wyoming are fighting back.

The state Senate passed an amendment that would defund the University of Wyoming’s Women and Genders Studies program.

State Senator Cheri Steinmetz said:

“As we were doing work with the Appropriations Committee this year we kind of took a deep dive into some of the programs at the University of Wyoming due to some other issues that happened at the law school. And so we’ve had some meetings, and as we were doing that, I started looking at their courses and their studies. I was surprised to find this one, to be quite honest with you…[I]t’s one that has caused me to lose some sleep, because as being the folks that deal with the public funds going to this university, I felt that this was one that our constituents, I know certainly mine, wouldn’t agree with, and I would challenge any of you to take this course home and ask their constituents what they think of it.”

Women and gender studies programs are some of the most militant departments in the country.

They are all neo-Marxist in orientation, and they exist to pit the sexes against one another while promoting radical ideas about gender.

The University of Wyoming describes the program as such:

“A minor or degree in Gender & Women’s Studies or Queer Studies will arm you with critical thinking and applied skills that will enable you to succeed in diverse, 21st century work forces and communities. You will learn how to analyze socio-historical and contemporary power dynamics across rural, local, community, transnational, and global contexts, articulate the history, strategies, and goals of interconnected movements for social justice, perform and develop intersectional, interdisciplinary feminist and queer analysis.”

In other words, the program is training people to be far-left activists.

GOP Senate Education Committee Chairman state Senator Charles Scott explained it best when he said, “This is an extremely biased, ideologically driven program that I can’t see any academic legitimacy to.”

Republicans have been reluctant to fight the culture war, but these types of actions need to be undertaken.

There is no reason public funding should go to radical programs that seek to undermine the American system itself.

Many disciplines inside the universities have been overrun with radicals, so “wokeism” cannot be completely removed from colleges, but Wyoming is off to a good start.

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