Republican strategist said the GOP must adopt one Democrat tactic to defeat the Left

The “red wave” did not materialize in the 2022 Midterms.

Conservatives are looking at the data and attempting to figure out why.

And a Republican strategist said the GOP must adopt one Democrat tactic to defeat the Left.

Despite record-high inflation and a barely functional President with low approval rating, Democrats bucked historic trends and wildly overperformed in the Midterm elections.

Polls and historical trends projected that the Democrats were going to lose 40 or more seats in the House.

Instead, the Republicans only retook the House by the slimmest of margins and might’ve lost a Senate seat.

Some believe that the Democrats got the secret Roe voter, i.e. a groundswell of women motivated to punish the Republicans for overturning Roe v. Wade with the Dobbs decision.

However, others believe that the Democrats overperformed because of the “emergency” voting procedures that were put in place due to COVID and never repealed.

Not only is universal mail-in voting ripe for fraud, it allows for unmotivated (and perhaps uninformed) voters to cast a ballot with low effort.

Republican columnist Phil Karpen said, “Republicans got smoked in California in 2018 because ballot harvesting changed the game. They adapted fast to the new rules and got back in the game. Need to do the same thing nationally now.”

In 2018, Republicans in Orange County had a pretty good election night, but the entire county flipped blue after harvested ballots were fully tallied weeks later.

Ballot harvesting, which is illegal in several states, allows for people to go around door-to-door and collect ballots that can be dropped off at polling stations.

Republicans flipped Orange County back in 2020 after developing a ground game of their own.

One commenter responded to Karpen by saying, “Democrats were so upset at Republican ballot harvesting in 2020 that the AG and [Secretary of State] sued them to get them to stop. The judge laughed because Democrats wrote the law. If Republicans can play the Democrats game in CA they can everywhere.”

That’s when Republican strategist Ned Ryan replied, “Time for every church to start harvesting. Also rest homes, gun shows, everywhere. Also door to door. Anywhere and everywhere.”

It’s difficult to beat the Democrats at their own game, especially in big Democrat machine cities in swing cities like Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Detroit.

Since Republicans tend to be in more rural areas, it’s hard to rack up big ballot numbers like Democrats do in the cities.

Regardless, Republicans have identified a problem, and it’s up to them to solve it.

Democrats are going to do what they do.

If Republicans don’t change the laws back to pre-COVID status quo or adopt new tactics, they will continue to be baffled by election results that make no mathematical and logical sense.

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