Republican Senator ripped Biden for what he’s doing to hurt American families

Joe Biden and the Democrats have wrecked the economy.

Instead of attempting to fix it, they’re resorting to media narratives to distract people.

And one Republican Senator ripped Biden for what he’s doing to hurt American families.

Americans are feeling the squeeze of 40-year-high inflation, and the Democrats’ solution to the problem is to blame oil companies and Vladimir Putin.

But even Democrats admit those attacks are falling flat.

Now Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is being blunt about Joe Biden’s handling of the economy.

He wants the Biden administration to stop hamstringing energy companies.

During an interview on Fox News, Kennedy said, “The President has got to take his boot off the throat of the oil and gas industry . . . He hasn’t. The other day, he said well, we are going to start selling more LNG to our friends in Europe. Yeah, but read the fine print. He said, but I only want to sell LNG that is produced through clean energy. I don’t know an LNG plant that runs off wind or solar, and then he said, ‘And by the way, I am not going to change the regulatory environment through which I am trying to put the oil and gas out of business.’”

As Kennedy pointed out, Biden is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

He and his administration are accusing oil and gas companies of “price-gouging,” but at the same time, they’re throwing up roadblocks that stop them from producing more energy.

The regulatory environment has changed completely ever since Biden took office.

His administration is determined to undercut the energy independence achieved under Donald Trump.

Kennedy continued, “Too many of my Democratic colleagues, led by the Biden administration, are determined to win the uber-woke socialist sweepstakes . . . And part of winning means destroying the fossil fuel industry. And what President Biden keeps saying to the fossil fuel industry is, ‘Look, I’m going to put you out of business but in the meantime, help me out here. I need you to produce more.’ You know, it’s just ridiculous.”

Kennedy’s analysis is correct.

Biden and the Democrats have been overt in their antipathy toward oil and natural gas.

They have even used the energy shortage as a justification for more investment in inefficient “green” technology, which wouldn’t solve the problem for decades, even if it were effective.

Even CNN’s Abby Phillip pointed out the absurd contradiction that Kennedy discussed, explaining, “Interestingly, you bring up climate change, one of the challenges for Biden is that he needs more drilling in order to get through this period of high gas prices. But progressives, frankly – I mean, that is just not a politically tenable for a Democratic President to say to the oil companies, ‘Drill, baby, drill.’”

Biden has one obvious move to get out of this energy crisis, and he won’t make it.

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