Pope Francis says Europeans should try and stay warm this winter without heat for one crazy reason

The Catholic Church is facing a real crisis around the world.

And the current Pope seems to be doing all he can to rip it apart.

Now Pope Francis says Europeans should try and stay warm this winter without heat for one crazy reason.

It seems every time Catholics get a break from internal struggles, sex scandals, and debates over church doctrine, Pope Francis opens his mouth.

And then all Hell breaks loose!

The current Pontiff can’t seem to say a prayer without invoking some left-wing policy position or socialist message.

He’s attacked gun owners, capitalism, the United States, and even his fellow Catholics as Francis looks to make the Church into a socialist paradise on earth.

Now it seems he even wants his fellow Catholics to freeze to death this winter.

All in the name of phony and alarmist “climate change.” 

The fact that Pope Francis buys into this is not a shock to anyone who has been observing the goings on in Rome.

The Vatican has been turned into a Catholic Kremlin as Pope Francis has the Church taking the lead in the globalist-Socialist axis.

In the latest socialist scheme, the Vatican issued a statement urging that ongoing efforts to solve the energy crisis be done by avoiding the fossil fuel industry.

The Vatican statement was read by Msgr. Mauro Lalli at the 2022 Mediterranean Conference of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Jordan.

The Holy See warned that climate change is “a common threat to the security and stability” of the whole Mediterranean region.

Interestingly, the statement made no mention of what that “threat to security and stability” is.  

That is a classic socialist strategy – make a charge, not backed up by anything at all and make a portion of the people believe it.

But then the statement gets dangerous and suggests that the population of the Mediterranean region must find ways to keep warm and pay its bills this winter without oil and gas.

There was no mention of how the Pope was going to get around without oil and gas, of course.

The Vatican Statement went on, saying “severe lack of energy supplies . . . will likely put further strain on many families and industries already affected by the economic crisis,” but says this crisis does not justify a return to fossil fuels.

A return?  

When did they go away?

The only reason their use has been diminished at all is because of radical green environmentalist policies implemented to control people under the guise of “climate change.”

Interestingly this news comes right at the same time wind farms in Germany are being torn down to make room for expanded coal mines.

And someone clearly forgot to fill the Pope in on the proper propaganda phrases.

While the Pope lamented the negative effects of global warming, he failed to realize good greenies don’t call it global warming anymore since that was proven false.

It’s now called “climate change” because, well, that way they can’t be wrong either way the global average of the temperatures go.

The Pontiff’s statement follows on the heels of growing criticism around the world that many European nations have only themselves to blame for their energy crisis.

Afterall, it was those very countries and their left-wing policies that had them scale back their domestic energy production in the name of “green transition.” 

As European nations scramble to try and figure out how to meet the energy needs of their citizens, Pope Francis is urging them to just leave many citizens out in the cold. 

That too is part of the globalist, socialist play book.

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