Pastor preaching to the Freedom Convoy suffered one infuriating fate at the hands of Trudeau’s Henchmen

Canada is using COVID as an excuse to go full authoritarian.

Justin Trudeau has trampled freedoms in a truly shocking way.

Now, a Christian pastor preaching to the Freedom Convoy suffered one infuriating fate at the hands of Trudeau’s henchmen.

Justin Trudeau has cracked down hard on the Freedom Convoy protesting against Canada’s totalitarian vaccine mandate.

Trudeau invoked emergency powers and began freezing assets of people who contributed to the trucker convoy campaign.

And one Christian preacher has been thrown in jail for attempting to preach to the convoy.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been targeted repeatedly by the Canadian government for defying the state’s draconian COVID orders that have shut down churches.

And Pawlowski was arrested again before he even began preaching.

American Greatness reported that Pawlowski was arrested, “before he left his house to perform a church service for the truckers who had set up a blockade on the Alberta-Montana border to protest vaccine passports. He has been charged with mischief over $5,000, aiding and abetting the blocking of critical infrastructure, and for breaching the bail condition for ‘not keeping the peace,’ stemming from a previous arrest.”

It’s been almost two years, and citizens still have not gotten back their full rights.

Trudeau and other globalist leaders want to prolong the forever-pandemic so they can implement long-lasting security and surveillance measures.

In 2013, when Trudeau was Leader of the Labor Party, he said he admired the Chinese Communist Party because of their dictatorial ability to get things down.

Now, Trudeau wants to bring the CPP’s social credit system to Canada.

Pawlowski’s brother Dawid reported on the mistreatment his brother is facing in solitary confinement.

“He was strip searched twice and checked for contraband…He was forced to go to the bathroom with an officer present and watching. They locked him twice in a small cage resembling a dog kennel with no air circulation, suffocating him for many hours, all without water to drink,” Dawid stated.

The same liberals who preach about prison abolition relish in Pawlowski’s suffering for the crime of preaching the gospel.

His brother Dawid continued:

“After that, he was subjugated to a hard bench three times for hours on end all without any water to drink. When they took him back to his cell, his room was all upside down, flipped and searched for contraband. His bible was confiscated, and his narrated letter that was written to his lawyer was also confiscated.”

The Left in America are chomping at the bit to institute such measures in the United States.

They have zero compassion for their ideological opponents.

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