Parents are fighting back against this disgusting idea sweeping through schools

The Left got caught red-handed.

They have been using schools as indoctrination mills for decades.

Now parents are fighting back against the disgusting idea sweeping through schools.

Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin won his race for Governor of Virginia on a mandate to reopen the schools and battle “wokeness.”

And the fight is going to be a long one, as far-left educators in the state are determined to push forward with their neo-Marxist propaganda.

The Daily Wire reported that a “Virginia parent is speaking out against a school district’s ‘anti-racism’ policy and curriculum, saying that school officials ignored his concerns with curriculum being presented to his son that the father says is racist and not Constitutional. Last week, Judge Claude Worrell, of Charlottesville Circuit Court, dismissed a case against the Albemarle School District filed by several groups of parents concerned about curriculum they say is racist and discriminates against students based on color.”

Old-school liberals believe in the pursuit of a color-blind society, but radical leftists do not.

Their entire ethos depends on identity politics, and they cynically use race to divide the country.

That’s why the leftists in Virginia went after this group of parents, which prompted them to seek counsel from the Alliance Defending Freedom.

A man named Matt, one of the parents represented by the ADF, explained, “As a parent here, who’s against racism, I’m against this conversation because now we’re having kids who are in middle school focus on the color of their skin.”

Matt also explained that Critical Race Theory and other “divisive concepts . . . [are] woven into every subject.”

For example, in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis threw out mathematics textbooks that were infused with CRT.

ADF attorney Kate Anderson revealed that one of the parents fighting the school district explained in-class exercises where students were instructed to put “white” and “Christian” into a “dominant box” on a worksheet, then they were goaded into taking a pledge to “dismantle the box.”

Anderson said, “The school policy was directed at bringing kids to view themselves and everything around them purely through the lens of race, and it was personalizing it by telling students that only white people can be racist. That all the white students are personally and individually responsible for racism.”

In a separate Virginia county, a black father fighting against “woke” indoctrination was charged with four counts of criminal defamation after accusing a teacher of “grooming” behavior.

After pressure from the father’s attorney, Fairfax County prosecutor Steve Descano, a far-left DA funded by George Soros, chose not to pursue the charges, but reserved the right to do so at a later date.

This is the next battle against the radical Left.

They are going to push forward with their radical agenda, and it’s incumbent on parents to win school board races and weed out the insane curricula.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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