One Democrat just came clean with the awful way Joe Biden broke the law

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Joe Biden’s lawless conduct is too much even for members of his own party to abide.

Some are starting to speak out.

And now one Democrat just came clean with the awful way Joe Biden broke the law.

Joe Biden started yet another war in the Middle East by ordering a sustained bombing campaign against Iran-backed Houthi militants who attacked commercial ships in the Red Sea.

In one of the great summations of a President’s failed foreign policy, Biden told reporters that the bombing campaign failed to dissuade the Houthi militants, but that the bombing would continue anyway.

Biden ordered these strikes without Congress declaring war.

And Virginia Democrat Senator Tim Kaine appeared on CNN and ripped Biden for doubling down on an illegal military campaign.

Kaine explained that Biden ordering a sustained bombing campaign mandated he come to Congress to authorize this military action.

“But when you go on the offense against a group and if it’s more than just self-defense, and now suddenly it’s a back and forth that’s escalating. That’s classically when it becomes an offense of not just defense of operation,” Kaine began.

Bombing militants to deter attacks in foreign commercial ships was not the act of national self-defense and thus also violated the Constitution’s requirement that Congress authorize acts of war.

“And then second, we just have to remember that most of the ships transiting the Red Sea are not U.S. ships. They’re foreign flagged ships. And there might be a good strategic reason to protect them. But that is not a self-defense rationale under the Constitution,” Kaine added.

Kaine said that Republicans like Utah Senator Mike Lee and Indiana’s Todd Young joined him in expressing concern about Joe Biden running an illegal military operation that could threaten to spiral into yet another endless war in the Middle East.

“And so a bipartisan group wrote the president asking this set of questions that begins with, what is the strategy when we’re trying to deter and degrade? But your administration is actually predicting that the Houthis are going to up the pace, which they are doing. Okay. What’s the strategy? How do we de-escalate? And what are your legal authorities? We need to be briefed on that. And I think Congress needs to be brought into it, because the last thing we need to do is to slide into another war in the Middle East without a really careful consideration and a debate in front of the public,” Kaine concluded.

Strongly-worded letters are usually a Republican specialty.

Now Democrats are getting in on the act.

But if Congress actually wants to rein in Joe Biden’s lawless attempt to plunge America into another endless war in the Middle East, then Congress needs to exercise its Constitutional power of the purse or pursue articles of impeachment.

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