One Academy Award-winning actor posted a video on social media that put a big smile on Donald Trump’s face

Far-left socialists have dominated Hollywood for years.

But there are a few rare exceptions.

And one Academy Award-winning actor posted a video on social media that put a big smile on Donald Trump’s face.

Hollywood’s hatred of Donald Trump is no secret.

From the moment he announced his first Presidential campaign back in June of 2015, Hollywood celebrities have been obsessed with attacking and smearing Donald Trump.

Any celebrity who disagrees with their left-wing politics usually stays quiet out of fear of being blacklisted and shunned by industry executives.

But Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight is one exception.

Voight has been one of Hollywood’s most vocal conservative voices over the years.

He’s not shy about expressing his support for Donald Trump.

And on Sunday, Voight posted a two-minute video clip on Twitter he labeled “Wake up America,” where he said the country needed a “healing” from “all the unrighteousness that is taking place.”

Voight warned the American people that the country is “in danger of a third World War” and urged everyone to “wake up because if we don’t see this lie, this land will die; die in its beauty, its freedom, [and] its opportunity.”

He also ripped Democrats and the left-wing media for their “lies, deceit, and corruption.”

Even though Voight said it’s a “dark world” right now, he did say he is optimistic about the future of America.

“Pray that the one President who understood truths and had the best interest of the American people, the American dream — President Donald Trump — will return to the Presidency,” Voight declared.

Voight believes Donald Trump is the only person who can “stop the Swamp” and urged Americans to support his Presidential campaign.

“Wake up from this bad dream and bring back life, justice, [and] truth in the only land that’s meant for dreams of goodness, the land of the free — America — the greatest land, the greatest soil for mankind; the land where heroes fought for their truths,” he said.

“Allow President Trump to rebuild our soil and our land so we can rise to her glory,” Voight added. “Much love to you.”

After Republicans underperformed during the Midterm elections, many in the GOP are looking for someone to blame for the disappointing outcome.

Many conservatives blame Mitch McConnell, while others also blame Donald Trump for it.

But Jon Voight made it clear where he stands.

Voight clearly remains one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.

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