New York Democrats are pushing a bill to curb so-called “misinformation” even more

The Left has decided that people are not capable of taking care of themselves and that the government must intervene, which means they must censor what you read.

Big Tech has played a major role in “helping” people steer clear of so-called “misinformation.”

And now New York Democrats are pushing a bill to curb so-called “misinformation” even more.

Democrats want to stop the dissemination of anything that doesn’t line up with the radical leftist agenda, so they have taken it upon themselves to start implementing laws that “save” people from reading “incorrect” information.

And of course, New York Democrats – the most extreme leftists – want to be first out of the gate to keep you away from “misinformation.”

State legislators in New York are pushing a bill that would allow lawsuits to be brought against Big Tech companies that spread supposed misinformation.

This bill would allow New York’s Attorney General, private citizens and city corporations to sue Big Tech companies that “knowingly or recklessly” promote information that “endangers the health or safety of the public.”

Much like other attempts to protect people from “misinformation,” the guidelines as to what constitutes “recklessly” promoting dangerous information are gray and subjective.

“We need real world solutions to the growing problems of online disinformation and hate speech. Throwing your hands up and saying nothing can be done isn’t sufficient. People’s lives are endangered everyday and nobody’s being held accountable,” New York State Senator Hoylman said.

The bill will never stand up in court.

“COVID misinformation, political misinformation, and many other categories of ‘false’ or harmful information are protected by the First Amendment,” said Eric Goldman, an Internet law professor at Santa Clara University School of Law in Silicon Valley.

Democrats are trying to wield state power and make Big Tech platforms even more censored than they are right now.

Over the summer, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the administration had identified Facebook posts that it believed contained so-called “misinformation.”

This type of censorship isn’t new but, unfortunately, more people are accepting it as “the way things are” and that will be the end of every freedom Americans have come to know.

Joe Biden and his allies don’t want people having the ability to think freely or make their own decisions because they can’t control an educated public.

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