Mitch McConnell issued one direct challenge to Donald Trump that will make your blood boil

Drew Angerer, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are rivals within the Republican Party.

The two also represent the two distinct wings of the GOP.

And Mitch McConnell issued one direct challenge to Donald Trump that will make your blood boil.

McConnell is the avatar for the fading GOP establishment that supports globalist trade deals, endless foreign wars, and open borders.

Establishment Republicans like McConnell spent Donald Trump’s four years in office fighting Trump and the base’s desire to bring American troops home and seal the border.

The latest flashpoint between McConnell and Trump came over McConnell’s support for a foreign aid slush fund that included $61 billion for the war in Ukraine and no money for the American southern border.

Trump opposed the latest taxpayer giveaway to Ukraine while McConnell considers funding Ukraine the number one priority for the Republican Party.

A minority of Senate Republicans joined McConnell in supporting the latest pallet of cash for Ukraine, and McConnell took a victory lap in an interview with The Hill.

In the interview, McConnell expressed nothing but contempt for Republican voters saying he didn’t care what conservatives thought, Congress needed to “get the job done” on issues such as Ukraine.

McConnell also celebrated the idea of raising the debt ceiling and funding Joe Biden’s agenda.

“I’m not at all surprised that affected the views of Republican voters but periodically you run into an issue where you just have to get the job done, for example, raising the debt ceiling,” McConnell began while also complaining that voters are “very much impacted by things like Fox News shows railing about this issue.”

McConnell bragged about how he ignores the wishes of conservatives to slash government spending and boasted of his latest deal, which allowed Joe Biden to run up unlimited debt until January 2024.

“I’ll bet you 90 percent of Republicans don’t want us to raise the debt ceiling, but we do. Funding the government — a lot of Republicans think it’s a great idea to shut the government down, but we don’t,” McConnell added.

Party leaders don’t often talk about how little they respect their own voters or that they actively plan to scheme with the opposition to screw over their supporters.

But the belief in Washington, D.C. is that this is McConnell’s last year in leadership and so McConnell no longer has to care what the base thinks.

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