Mike Rowe just got down and dirty about Democrats’ Manchin-Schumer tax-and-spend boondoggle

The popular Dirty Jobs host isn’t afraid of telling it like it is.

And he makes no bones of explaining how America really works.

That’s why Mike Rowe just got down and dirty about Democrats’ Manchin-Schumer tax-and-spend boondoggle.

Mike Rowe is proof that it doesn’t take being “woke” to make it in the world of reality TV.

He has made it very clear he has little use for the radical left-wing policies that are destroying the American workforce and tearing apart the fabric of our society.

And the host of How America Works certainly knows what he’s talking about.

So, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when Rowe decided to take on the recently passed and signed into law – and grossly misnamed – “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Rowe criticized both the bill and the political rhetoric behind Democrats’ massive tax-and-spend bill in an appearance on Fox & Friends, arguing it could be another “emperor’s new clothes” situation.

Here’s what Rowe had to say about the bill, and the Democrats’ wild claims:

“Now, if the Inflation Reduction Act truly reduces inflation, then we can start with a conversation about the nuts and bolts of the bill. But we’ve come to the point where nothing actually means what it says. And that gets us into an emperor’s new clothes kind of mentality, where it’s not one kid in the crowd going, Hey, that guy’s naked. It’s the whole country going, Wait. Again with this? Again with the name of a thing that doesn’t seem to reflect the thing? And so we got to peel back the layers and we have to look at it. And then we have to have the conversation: how does this impact the middle class? What the heck do I know. If it lives up to its name, it’ll impact them in a positive way. If it doesn’t, it’s another pie in the face.”

Rowe was, of course, referring to the long history of legislation on Capitol Hill that is named one thing while doing exactly the opposite.

In this case most experts agree the “Inflation Reduction Act” is almost certain to increase inflation, or in the best case do nothing to change it at all.

And as far as the specifics of the bill that Rowe alludes to, already we’ve seen that the bill is causing an uproar among environmentalists as it adversely affects existing “green” programs.

For example, under the new tax incentives for electric vehicles, current electric vehicles on the market won’t qualify.

And of course, under another section of the bill there is funding for the new 87,000 IRS agents that will soon be weaponized and unleashed on the American people.

If anything, Mike Rowe wasn’t dirty enough in describing the legislation.

But he clearly knows how America really works.

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