Marjorie Taylor Greene just triggered every feminist with this comment about the U.S. military

The U.S. military was once the most vaunted fighting force on the face of the planet.

However, these days, it’s pushing a woke agenda and supporting leftist causes.

And now, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is triggering feminists with her latest comments about what the U.S. military needs.

The U.S. military is tasked with protecting America’s freedom.

It’s an incredible responsibility.

And the people who would seek to steal our freedom and take our lives are not worried about hurting people’s feelings.

However, in recent years, the U.S. military seems more concerned with feelings than force.

As the military fails to reach even half of their recruiting numbers, military leaders within the Biden Administration believe turning the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines into social justice safe spaces will attract more and better recruits.

For example, check out this “inclusive” recruiting video the Army recently put out.

And the Army isn’t alone.

New recruits to the Navy are subjected to a children’s show presentation of a training on how to create safe spaces and use proper gender pronouns.

It is just another in a long line of examples of the U.S. military weeding out “toxic masculinity,” and replacing it with woke inclusivity.

However, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is calling out the insanity for what it is.

On a recent episode of Graham Allen’s Dear America podcast, MTG shared her thoughts on so-called “toxic masculinity” in the military.

MTG says toxic masculinity is exactly what the military needs.

“Think about it, they’ve purged the military,” Rep. Greene noted.

Allen agreed, pointing out, “the warriors are leaving.”

“Absolutely, why do they want to be there,” Greene rhetorically asked. “They’re going through woke training, there ‘toxic masculinity’ is not accepted, even though what is the military for?”

Greene follows up with a simple and insightful point that has feminists running for the hills.

“I would think toxic masculinity would be a number one requirement,” Greene said. “It should be, ‘are you a toxic male,’ ‘yes,’ ‘please sign up.’”

Allen, who is a former Army Staff Sergeant and 12-year Army Combat Veteran agreed, pointing out military members could care less about things like pronouns while they’re being shot at.

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