Letitia James just got hauled into court for one reason that will make you smile

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New York Attorney General Letitia James is the poster child for rogue Democrat prosecutors who weaponize the justice system against their political opponents.

But now James may have bitten off more than she can chew.

And Letitia James just got hauled into court for one reason that will make you smile.

Nassau County sues James over NY AG’s attempt to force the country to allow men to play women’s sports

Nassau County executive Bruce Blakeman announced he was suing James to stop her from blocking a common sense and popular executive order banning biological males from competing in women’s sports.

“Our response was to file a lawsuit for a declaratory judgment requiring the attorney general to come before a federal judge and explain why this cease and desist order has been issued and the threat of sanctions and litigation against the county when we in Nassau County are protecting women and girls who are a protected class under the Constitution and under federal law and certainly deserve equal protection under the law,” Blakeman stated.

James threatened Blakeman over the executive order claiming he had five days to bend the knee to the woke mob or else she would try to destroy him in court the way she did Donald Trump.

“The law is clear: you can’t discriminate against a person because of their gender identity or expression. I’m demanding @NassauExec immediately rescind his transphobic and illegal order within 5 days, or I will not hesitate to take decisive legal action,” James posted on social media.

Blakeman fired back at James explaining that he would never back down in the fight to protect the safety of female athletes and their ability to compete on a level playing field.

“My EO stops the bullying of women and girls by transgender males who have many outlets to compete without putting the safety and security of females in danger. In Nassau we will continue to fight for females’ right to be safe, secure, and have a level playing field to compete,” Blakeman said in response.

Allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports is unfair

It’s insane that it even needs to be explained, but Nassau County’s lawsuit actually needed to lay out how preposterous it was to allow biological men to compete against girls.

The complaint cited the case of University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas who could barely crack the top 500 in men’s swimming.
But Thomas shot to number one when he began swimming against females.

“Despite Lia Thomas’ successes since transitioning to a transgender female, even some teammates noted that Thomas held an ‘unfair advantage over competition,’” the lawsuit argues. “Those teammates noted that ‘when it comes to sports competition,’ the biology of sex is a separate issue from someone’s gender identity. Biologically, Lia holds an unfair advantage over competition in the women’s category, as evidenced by her rankings that have bounced from #462 as a male to #1 as a female.’”

Over the last ten years the Democrat Party’s been taken over by woke left-wing campus activists and college graduates who decided that the hill they wanted to plant their flag and fight on is the idea that mediocre male athletes can realize their sporting dreams by competing against smaller, slower, and weaker women.

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