Leftist terrorists committed one sickening crime to frame Trump supporters

Democrats and their media comrades excused and encouraged left-wing extremism.

The result was a reign of terror that lasted more than half of 2020.

And leftist terrorists committed one sickening crime to frame Trump supporters.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists have been allowed to operate with impunity for years.

Antifa members were first described as a group of “antifascists” akin to American soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy, then the Left denied their existence.

New York Congressman Jerry Nadler had the audacity to call them a “myth.”

And BLM extremists were described as “mostly peaceful” throughout the constant 2020 riots.

But now, three BLM radicals were convicted of arson in Atlanta.

They had been attempting to frame Donald Trump supporters for their crimes.

The Post Millennial reported that “[a] group of Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters were convicted on federal charges after attempting to frame the Proud Boys for a series of vandalism and arson attacks the far-left extremists carried out on Atlanta police vehicles and United States Postal Service property during the lead up to the 2020 presidential election…The suspects tried to frame the Proud Boys by leaving notes near the sites of vandalism that read ‘Stand By,’ a reference to when former President Donald Trump told the right-wing group to ‘stand back and stand by’ after he was asked to condemn white supremacist militias during the first 2020 presidential debate.”

Atlanta was one of the cities hit hardest by militant leftists.

BLM radicals established an “autonomous zone” in a commercial parking lot, and when a woman pulled into the lot in order to turn her car around, they opened fire, killing eight-year-old Secoreia Turner in the passenger seat.

Turner’s father condemned the group and said, “You killed your own.”

The Left have been attempting to portray the Right as the source of extremist violence, but their demand for right-wing violence far outpaces supply.

That’s why these BLM extremists attempted to frame the Right.

BLM as an organization is finally coming under intense scrutiny.

A BLM activist attempted to assassinate the Democratic mayoral frontrunner in Louisville Kentucky, and the organization has been accused of gross financial malfeasance.

California and other states have ceased working with BLM until they get their books in order.

In 2020, the murder rate jumped a jaw-dropping 30%, the highest one-year increase in American history.

A big reason for that was the mayhem caused by far-left activists across the country.

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