Kayleigh McEnany stunned Donald Trump with what she just admitted about Ron DeSantis

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The 2024 Republican Presidential field is starting to take shape.

Donald Trump is no longer the only candidate running.

And Kayleigh McEnany stunned Donald Trump with what she just admitted about Ron DeSantis.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley became the first Republican to challenge Donald Trump.

On Fox News Channel’s Outnumbered, former Trump administration Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany observed that Haley was smart to jump in the race now as she had the field to herself as Trump’s only current challenger.

McEnany claimed this would give Haley free media attention to raise her name identification that Haley would otherwise not receive if there were already multiple other candidates in the race.

“I think it was very smart of her to declare right now,” McEnany began. “Because being the only person in the race against President Trump at this moment, she got a lot of media attention. We’ll be talking about this now and for days to come.”

Haley needs media attention because she figures to struggle to raise money.

That’s because as a RINO who opposed the border wall, defended Barack Obama against Donald Trump, and who supported the Black Lives Matter rioters in 2020, Haley cannot count on much support from the grassroots.

But the donor class is also steering clear of Haley because of another point McEnany touched on – Haley is no longer the shiny new toy in GOP politics.

McEnany pointed out that in 2010 Haley won the Gubernatorial Election in South Carolina on the strength of pitching herself as an anti-establishment insurgent.

As Republicans saw that Haley was really just a woke establishment RINO, her support from conservatives evaporated.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis now occupies that space as the conservative challenger to elite liberal orthodoxy since DeSantis was the Republican who led the fight against Dr. Fauci and the woke agenda.

McEnany – who everyone thought was a Trump loyalist – then begged DeSantis to jump into the Presidential race.

“She was the hottest name in Republican politics in 2011 to like 2015, I would say,” McEnany added. “This is the case — what you’re watching right now, polling at 3 percent — for Governor Ron DeSantis to get in right now. People say, will he get in? Will he wait? How can you wait when you are currently the hottest Governor in Republican politics, seeing how hard it is to regenerate that attention almost a decade later?”

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