Karine Jean-Pierre went on The View and instantly regretted giving this laughable excuse

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Karine Jean-Pierre is the Biden regime’s mouthpiece as White House Press Secretary.

Even Democrats think she’s absolutely awful at her job.

And Karine Jean-Pierre went on The View and instantly regretted giving this laughable excuse.

Despite the laughable claim from President Joe Biden that the economy is strong, Democrats are privately worried about it.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was tasked with appearing on The View to try and defend Biden’s failed economic record ahead of his State of the Union address.

The Biden-worshiping ladies of The View normally lob softball questions at their liberal guests.

That’s why co-host Sara Haines surprised everyone when she grilled Jean-Pierre about the state of the Biden economy.

Haines cited a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll that found 41% of Americans are doing worse economically during the Biden Presidency, while a meager 16% said they were doing better under him.

The number of Americans financially worse off under Biden is the highest number in the poll’s 37-year history.

“Now if the economy is strong, why don’t more Americans feel that way?” Haines asked.

A stunned Jean-Pierre dismissed the poll and said that the White House will “not pay too much attention” to it.

“Polls go up, polls go down. We all know this,” Jean-Pierre replied. “I know you all talk about this very often so we know that’s a reality.”

Polling has consistently shown that the public is extremely dissatisfied with the state of the economy under Joe Biden.

“So, again, we’re not going to pay too much attention to the polls, we are going to meet the American people where they are and continue to do what we can, give them a little bit of breathing room which is something that the President says every time he talks about the economy,” Jean-Pierre added.

The Press Secretary falsely claimed that Americans are upset about the economy because of trying conditions during the pandemic saying “it’s been a very hard couple of years.”

Then Jean-Pierre went on to try and blame former President Donald Trump for Biden’s economic woes.

“When the President walked into this administration, the economy was tanking, COVID was taking over, it was ravaging our country and he took action to make sure that we got the economy back up and running,” Jean-Pierre claimed.

President Biden inherited an economic recovery from the pandemic gift-wrapped to him by the Trump administration.

After Biden occupied the White House, the country’s economic problems began multiplying under his watch.

Inflation, gas, and energy prices skyrocketed under Biden from his failed policies. 

Real wages are down as inflation eats away at paychecks outpacing wage gains and polling is picking up the fact that Americans are poorer during his Presidency.

“But we understand that Americans are still feeling some of that struggle,” Jean-Pierre said.

Joe Biden is getting desperate trying to falsely blame Donald Trump for dismal economic record two years into his Presidency. 

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