Karine Jean-Pierre made one confession that left Democrats shaking their heads in disgust

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Karine Jean-Pierre is in way over her head as the White House press secretary.

She is constantly sticking her foot in her mouth trying to explain Joe Biden’s blunders.

And Karine Jean-Pierre made one confession that left Democrats shaking their heads in disgust.

President Joe Biden is on his heels over the ongoing crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border that he created.

The border has become a top issue for voters while the country is being overwhelmed with record numbers of illegal aliens.

So Biden is trying to talk tough in an election year by promising to shut down the border if Congressional Republicans pass his phony border security bill that codifies nearly two million illegal aliens coming into the country each year, and gives him the money to ship them all across the country with work permits in hand.

He has no intention of shutting down the border let alone doing anything to stop the flood of illegal aliens.

Biden is trying to save his bacon by getting a phony border security bill so his re-election campaign can lie to voters and claim he did something.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced a barrage of questions about Biden’s newfound tough rhetoric on the border.

She said that there are “different definitions” of shutting down the border when a reporter noted that Democrats called former President Donald Trump a racist for saying the same thing while he was in the White House.

“Back in the winter of 2018 and the spring of 2019, President Trump vowed to shut down the border with Mexico using almost the identical language that the president used on Friday. Many, many, if not most, if not practically all Democrats called that xenophobic and even racist. Why shouldn’t people make the same conclusion about this President’s threat to shut down the entire border with Mexico?” a reporter asked Jean-Pierre.

“We believe the new enforcement tools that currently don’t exist that we believe will be part of this bipartisan agreement will be fair. We believe . . . it’ll be tough, but it will be fair,” Jean-Pierre replied.

She was grilled about the stunning political shift by Biden to adopt the language of Trump on the border.

“Why isn’t that the same thing that Trump did?” a reporter wondered.

“There are different definitions, right, of what that looks like, of what actually shutting down the border looks like, right? So, we’re going to let them work through it. We don’t know what that looks like exactly. What we are asking for, what the President wants to see, is that we deal with the challenges at the border, that we have an opportunity to deal with what’s going on, the security, and make sure that we have the funding and the resources to deal with what we’re seeing at the border,” Jean-Pierre stammered. “There are different definitions to what that looks like.”

Shutting down the border is a cut-and-dry situation.

Karine Jean-Pierre is floundering trying to explain Joe Biden’s new-found tough border security rhetoric after spending years attacking Trump for saying the same thing.

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