John Cleese was just savaged by the woke outrage mob for telling one truth

Acclaimed actor John Cleese is not afraid to speak his mind.

His willingness to call out far-left nonsense has made him a target.

And Cleese was just savaged by the woke outrage mob for telling one truth.

Monty Python actor and comedian John Cleese found himself in hot water when he got cross with the Left.

Even though Cleese detests gun rights, he angered leftists when he supported Brexit.

Now Cleese is in trouble for the true statement that Europeans did not invent slavery.

Cleese wrote on Twitter, “I think it’s untrue to suggest that European countries invented slavery . . . The pyramids were not built by independent contractors. Nor by volunteers . . . Sadly, this disgusting practice has always been a worldwide phenomenon. Suggesting otherwise looks to me like a form of racism.”

Slavery has been around since the dawn of civilization, but leftists who claim to despise Eurocentrism believe that the world began with the emergence of Europe as a cultural and industrial force.

In order for leftists to push their ridiculous claims, they have to frame white Europeans as the true villains of world history.

An online user smeared Cleese as a “racist” and said, “Every time you post a tweet like this you’re exposing how much of a systemic racist mindset you have . . . It’s really quite depressing.”

Anyone who earnestly uses the term “systemic racism” in 2023 has been completely brainwashed with “wokeness” – he or she is probably a lost cause.

Another critic added, “Before American slavery, slavery as an institution was mostly an economic condition. Americans turned it into a racial condition.”

This is a rudimentary analysis of slavery that leftists cling to in order to condemn America.

Cleese cheekily responded, “I see your point . . . So American slavery is more reprehensible than ordinary slavery . . .”

Even though Cleese was joking, that’s the way leftists have been trained to think.

They completely ignore the slaves who were sold to the Islamic world and castrated, which exceeded the number of slaves in the west.

Also, Christians spurred the British Empire to expend great resources to abolish slavery on the high seas and in their colonies.

Cleese added, “The basic fact is that the history of the World is a history of Crime – of more powerful people subjugating less powerful people . . . It didn’t require any specific gene . . . I think the history of slavery throughout the world, should be taught – all five millennia of it . . . And there should be a special focus on where it still exists.”

Cleese is correct in that history is too complex to fit entire swaths of people and cultures into neat little boxes, but that’s what leftists do.

They have to keep people enraged about the past in order to control the future.

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