Joe Biden’s green initiatives are a nightmare as one traveler found out

Joe Biden and the Democrats are obsessed with climate change.

It has driven them to adopt horrible policies that are punishing the American people.

And Biden’s green initiatives are a nightmare as one traveler found out.

The primary reason for the current sky-high gas prices is that Joe Biden and the Democrats have an antipathy for fossil fuels.

They believe the economy can go green overnight and suffer no consequences.

But green energy is less efficient and less reliable.

And a Wall Street Journal reporter found that out the hard way when she embarked on a roadtrip from New Orleans to Chicago in an electric vehicle.

Columnist Rachel Wolfe wrote, “Over four days, we spent $175 on charging. We estimated the equivalent cost for gas in a Kia Forte would have been $275, based on the AAA average national gas price for May 19. That $100 savings cost us many hours in waiting time. But that’s not the whole story.”

What followed was an odyssey filled with broken chargers, batteries draining quicker than expected, a dearth of charging stations, and long wait times for charging.

She encountered a woman who nearly missed her daughter’s wedding due to charging issues.

Wolfe continued, “The woman charging next to us describes a harrowing recent trip in her Volkswagen ID.4. Deborah Carrico, 65, had to be towed twice while driving between her Louisville, Ky., apartment and Boulder, Colo., where her daughter was getting married. ‘My daughter was like, “You’ve lost it mom; just fly,”’ the retired hairdresser says. She says she felt safer in a car during the pandemic—but also vulnerable when waiting at remote charging stations alone late at night. ‘But if someone is going to get me, they’re going to have to really fight me,’ she says, wielding her key between her fingers like a weapon. While she loves embracing the future, she says, her family has been giving her so much pushback that she is considering trading the car in and going back to gas.”

Inclement weather also affected battery life.

Wolfe recounted a hairy situation during a rainstorm, explaining, “Soon the battery starts bleeding life. What began as a 100-mile cushion between Chicago and our planned first stop in Effingham, Ill., has fallen to 30 . . . We feel defeated pulling into a Nissan Mazda dealership in Mattoon, Ill. ‘How long could it possibly take to charge the 30 miles we need to make it to the next fast station?’ I wonder. Three hours. It takes 3 hours.”

The great irony of the green energy push is that it requires a lot of fossil fuels.

Electricity is generated through processes that emit carbon, and heavy trucks and machines that build the “green” facilities all run on gas.

Wolfe ended the piece by saying, “The following week, I fill up my Jetta at a local Shell station. Gas is up to $4.08 a gallon. I inhale deeply. Fumes never smelled so sweet.”

Green energy is nowhere near what the Left wants it to be, and even attempting to get to that green utopia will require a lot of pain for the average American.

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