Joe Biden’s border crisis is about to go from bad to worse thanks to one massive betrayal

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Joe Biden’s number one political and national security problem is the wide open southern border.

But the country is not even at the full depths of the calamity.

And Biden’s border crisis is about to go from bad to worse thanks to one massive betrayal.

Trump administration senior Department of Homeland Security Joe Edlow blasted Joe Biden’s fiscal year 2024 budget for seeking to lower the number of criminal illegal alien deportations to less than 30,000.

“Under the Biden administration, immigration enforcement has taken a back seat to open borders policy making, and this offensive FY24 budget is yet another example,” Edlow began.

Edlow explained there are more than 400,000 criminal illegal aliens in the system and the Biden administration wants to remove fewer than 10 percent.

Edlow also called on Congress to use its power of the purse to force the Biden administration to uphold the law and deport criminal illegal aliens.

“The stark contrast of removal process target numbers (and meeting or exceeding them) when compared to the Trump administration makes it clear that public safety doesn’t factor into Biden’s radical immigration agenda. With over 400,000 convicted criminal aliens in the non-detained docket, why is the agency charged with enforcing immigration laws hoping to remove less than 30,000 of them?” Edlow added. “It is time for congressional appropriators to make sure ICE enforces the law and restores a semblance of integrity to interior enforcement.”

The number of criminal illegal aliens removed from the country declined during Biden’s first two years in office compared to the level of removals under President Trump.

In 2018 and 2019, the government removed 150,141 and 145,262 criminal illegal aliens.

Those numbers plunged to 38,477 in 2022.

Letting criminal illegal aliens roam free inside the country is yet another magnet Joe Biden created to attract illegal aliens into the country.

The lack of immigration enforcement is why Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz admitted during Congressional testimony that the government does not have operational control of the border.

A top border patrol official saying the government does not have control of the border is damning enough.

But Joe Biden’s own budget calling for lower levels of removing criminal illegal aliens could be considered by many Americans and Members of Congress an impeachable offense.

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