Joe Biden was stumped by one simple question that had Democrats panicking about 2024

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Democrats are getting worried about the 2024 Presidential Election.

It’s becoming impossible for them to deny that Joe Biden isn’t firing on all cylinders.

And Joe Biden was stumped by one simple question that had Democrats panicking about 2024.

The severe mental decline of President Joe Biden is becoming more evident despite the best efforts of the White House to limit his public appearances.

Biden recently launched his reelection campaign and followed that announcement up with an alarming event that added to the growing questions about his mental acuity.

The White House hosted a Take Your Child to Work Day event where a kid’s basic question left the President stammering.

“What was the last country you traveled to?” a kid asked Biden at the event.

“The last country I’ve traveled — I’m trying to think the last one I was in — I, I’ve been to 89 — I’ve met with 89 heads of state so far, so, uh — I’m trying to think. What was the last — Where was the last place I was? It’s hard to keep track. Um, I was —” a confused Biden replied.

“Ireland!” another kid shouted.

“Yeah, you’re right, Ireland,” Biden said. “That’s where it was. How’d you know that?”

Biden forgot that he went on an official visit to Ireland less than two weeks before.

He made the trip with his son Hunter and his sister Valerie to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which formally ended decades of conflict between warring Catholic and Protestant factions.

Biden, who frequently notes his Irish heritage, joked during the trip that he wanted to stay there because it is an “incredible place.”

“Being here does feel- feels like coming home,” Biden said on his four-day visit to Ireland. “It really does. Over the years stories of this place has [sic] become part of my soul.”

The President, in a rare unscripted public event, can’t even remember a trip he made less than two weeks before without the help of a small child.

This is more confirmation that Biden is playing with less than a full deck of cards these days.

He’s struggling at an event with kids and now he’s facing a grueling reelection campaign.

His handlers used the pandemic as an excuse to keep him off the campaign trail in the 2020 election.

At 80-years-old, Biden is already the oldest President in American history and is dogged by lingering questions about his fitness for office.

Democrats will have to work overtime to try and protect Biden from any embarrassing moments campaigning over the course of the next two years.

But Biden made another eyebrow-raising comment at the same event about who’s really running the show at the White House.

“I thought when I got to be President, I’d get to give orders,” Biden told a kid. “But I take more orders than I ever did.”

Democrats are stuck with a rapidly aging and gaffe-prone President leading them at the top of the ticket in the next election.

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