Joe Biden says Americans should buy electric vehicles. But there’s one big reason they can’t

    Americans are suffering at the gas pump.

    And there seems to be no end in sight.

    Now Joe Biden says Americans should buy electric vehicles. But there’s one big reason they can’t.

    There is no question that Biden’s economy is crashing down like massive waves from a Hurricane.

    And the American people have nowhere to turn to escape the damage from Bidenflation.

    Nowhere is that more evident than at the gas pump.

    Prices for gasoline are higher than they’ve ever been with some states seeing prices over $7.00 per gallon.

    In fact, the average price per gallon nationwide is over $3.89.

    This is more than a whopping $1.70 per gallon increase under Joe Biden’s reign.

    And the Biden administration is hell-bent on keeping prices high so they can push their “green” programs.

    Included in the “green” wish list is that Americans would switch to electric vehicles (EVs) to “save the environment.”

    They ignore the downsides of EVs, like the slave labor by children who mine the minerals needed to make EV batteries.

    Or the fact that EVs seem to have a horrible tendency to blow up or catch fire.

    And of course, there is the fact that the charging stations for EVs are largely run on coal, so it’s questionable what actual benefit there is to the environment.

    But the biggest drawback for most Americans is the price of these vehicles.

    Take the much talked about Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck.

    The price of the Ford F-150 Lighting is rising faster than, well, faster than lighting.

    Ford recently announced a $5,000 increase to the starting price for the F-150 Lightning Pro, plus a $1,795 delivery fee that brings the total of a base model to $53,769.

    This latest price increase comes less than two months after Ford raised the pickup’s price by $7,000 from $39,974 to $46,974 as part of an increase that affected all the truck’s levels by different amounts.

    And the new $53,769 price tag is the average price of the basic low-end model.

    Other versions are available with a larger battery pack that provides up to 320 miles of range, and the top-of-the-line luxury platinum trim that has a 300-mile range lists for $96,874.

    Ford said the price increase was due to supply chain issues and inflation.

    Yet Biden and out-of-touch Democrats keep telling Americans to dump their gas-powered vehicles and just buy EVs.

    Their snarky remarks prove they have no clue that most Americans can’t afford the high price tag for vehicles that are still problematic.

    Ford recently announced they would continue to make gas-powered Mustangs, walking back their plan to make them all electric by 2023.

    A big reason for this change is the lackluster sales for an electric “muscle car” that was wracked by multiple problems and defects.

    And the massive price increases to the F-150 Lightning make it even less likely the average American can afford one.

    As gas prices continue to rise, by design, the Biden administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress continue to push EVs as the solution.

    This shows just how out-of-touch they are.

    Hopefully, Americans will let it be known at the polls this November.

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